The U.S. Only Resettled 12 Ukrainian Refugees Last Month

Joe Biden, President of the United States announced on March 24 that it would be closing its borders. AcceptThere have been up to 100,000 people displaced in Ukraine. It was one month since Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a massive invasion of Ukraine. This has resulted in approximately 100,000 people being forced to flee their homes. 4.5 million peopleYou can flee from the country.

Although the plan of the Biden administration may appear to be a sensible response to Europe’s growing migration crisis, it is not clear if the U.S. can handle such a large number of fleeing Ukrainians. Just 12 Ukrainians entered the U.S. in March through American’s refugee program.

This pathetic number highlights several major issues that prevent the U.S. from helping Ukrainians. The U.S. The U.S. Refugee Admissions Program is not equipped to handle large numbers of Ukrainian refugees. Zweiten, the Biden administration is going to adopt a patchwork strategy to welcome displaced Ukrainians in the U.S. Included the use of nonimmigrant visas—and the exact components of that approach are not yet clear. These problems, combined with the fact that they are not easily understood by Americans, keep Ukrainians in uncertainty and make it difficult for America to take on refugees from conflict zones.

“So far, in March the U.S. admitted 12 Ukrainians as refugees.” reportedCamilo Montoya–Galvez of CBS News, March 25, 2005. “Who were most likely all involved in the resettlement process long before Russia invaded,” CBS News shared internal government data with CBS News.

Prior to the conflict in Ukraine and its massive backlog, the U.S. refugee settlement program faced huge challenges. It was not able offer quick relief to the Ukrainians who were displaced. It took between 2-4 years before the Trump administration. Between 18-24 monthsIt is necessary for refugees to successfully complete their resettlement. Although the wait for U.S. refugees processing after COVID is uncertain, the wait for those who are referred to “Priority 1”, by the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, can be anywhere from a few days up to a year. 2-10 years.

According to a report by, it is highly probable that many Ukrainian refugees who were cleared to travel to America in March were prevented from leaving the country. ReutersThe U.S. Taken in514 Ukrainian Refugees in January and Februar. The State Department Clearly indicatedThe refugee operations in Moldova are taking place now in Chisinau (Chisinau), rather than in Kyiv, Ukraine. Lawmakers and advocates urged the Biden administration speed up the processing of Ukrainian application, saying that not enough has been done. Reports Reuters.

Biden Administration resettledIn FY 2021 there were only 11,411 refugees in the United States, far below an annual maximum of 62,500. This pandemic is extremely severe hindered America’s refugee processing—officials could not conduct in-person interviews, and key support facilities could not operate normally—and there has been lasting damage from the restrictive refugee policies imposed by the Trump administration. Biden has SetThe 2022 refugee limit is 125,000 even though it was set at 12. admittedThe “goal” was not achieved last year.

Reality of refugee cap should be a warning that Biden’s plan to allow 100,000 Ukrainians into the United States is an objective, and not a goal. One problem with this is the fact that not all Ukrainians who come to America will be admitted. refugees in the technical sense of the word—that is, people outside the U.S. who demonstrate they have experienced persecution, are of special humanitarian concern to the United States, and are eligible to access the USRAP through one of three pathways.

Instead, it is the White House It will use “the entire range of legal paths, including U.S. It will use the “full range of legal pathways, including the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program”, but may also consider other non-immigrant options which do not offer the same benefits or logistical support. David J. Bier, Cato Institute has cautionedThe Biden administration may even “enjoy” Count“The 75,000 Ukrainians who are granted Temporary Protected status” will work towards reaching the 100,000 target.

Faced with the slow-moving U.S. refugee program, Ukrainians are looking elsewhere for passage to America—including through the U.S.-Mexico border. Ukrainians don’t need to obtain a visa to travel to Mexico. This is a requirement in order to enter the U.S. Many thousandsThey flew from Mexico City to Tijuana to try their luck on foot. Last week, Homeland Security ConfirmedAbout 3,000 Ukrainians from Mexico were allowed to enter the U.S. Border officials in the United States have been busy over the past 2 months. ProcessedNearly 10,000 Ukrainians are undocumented. They are not considered refugees as they have not been granted refugee status in the U.S.

It is deeply regrettable that Ukrainians have to go through such an incongruous route to safety in America. They are a reminder of the difficulties they face. Deeply unpreparedThe Biden administration had to address an emerging migrant crisis. It was crucial for the U.S. to deal with refugees and other Ukrainian immigrants in a timely manner.