3 Tips for Choosing a Wig Style That Flatters Your Face Shape

3 Tips for Choosing a Wig Style That Flatters Your Face Shape

Contrary to past decades, wigs are becoming a popular tool for many men and women to regain their confidence. Whether for a medical reason or simply to boost your own styling, there are an abundance of wigs on the market to choose from. Getting one that flatters your look all starts with understanding your face shape.

1- Determine Your Actual Face Shape

Just like we’re all born with different facial features, the overall shape of the face is going to vary from person to person. In reality, there are five main face shapes that are utilized when it comes to picking out the perfect wig. These include oval, square, heart, round, and long.

  • Oval – This face shape features a rounded hairline and a narrower jaw.
  • Square – This face shape has a very wide, angular jaw that is the same width as the forehead.
  • Heart – This shape features a wide forehead and a narrow chin with an upside-down triangular look.
  • Round – This facial shape is mainly circular with a wide hairline.
  • Long – This face shape has an extended length and narrow width.

There are a few different methods that you can utilize to determine what facial shape you have. You could simply give the descriptions above to a friend or partner and ask for their input. You can take a picture of your face and assess it for the features above. You can even look in the mirror and trace the shape of your face with a washable marker to make it very apparent just what shape your face is.

2- Understand Your Parameters

Once you know what your face shape is, it’s time to understand your parameters. Different wig styles look better on different facial shapes. By understanding the parameters of your face shape, you’ll know what type of attributes you’ll want to look for in a wig.

  • Oval – Most all wigs work with this face shape. Simply avoid any blunt bangs, as they can shorten the overall height of the face.
  • Square – Layered and wavy hairstyles are key to breaking up strong facial lines. Focus on adding volume at the top and not on the sides.
  • Heart – Consider wigs with fringes on the forehead and those that are face-framed.
  • Round – Aim for wigs that create fullness on top and get flatter near the cheekbones.
  • Long – Opt for a chin or mid-length wig with curls or waves to create volume.

3- Test, Test, and Test

After you know what style attributes your new wig should have, it’s time to have some fun. This is typically easier at a retail wig shop, where you can try on different styles to get the ideal wig for your needs. Just like it makes sense to try on clothes before you buy them to ensure they fit you just right, the same holds true when it comes to wig shopping. You never know what may strike your fancy until you try them on and see. Trying on different wigs allows you to explore new looks and discover what suits your face shape, complexion, and personal style.