Common Work-Related Injuries Treated by Chiropractors

man with a neck injury at a desk with a lawyer

Chiropractic care addresses various health issues, from neck and back pain to numbness, sciatica, sports-related injuries, and repetitive motion injuries. Our emphasis extends beyond mere treatment, and our dedication continues to educate you on the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, which includes promoting exercise, making informed dietary choices, and prioritizing proper nutrition. Our goal is to make a positive impact on your life. Unlike approaches focused solely on alleviating immediate pain, we believe in fostering your long-term well-being and overall health. Our approach is holistic, empty of quick fixes and expensive prescription medications. Instead, we offer non-surgical and drug-free chiropractic treatments. Our practical, hands-on, and non-invasive methods provide effective alternatives to address your health concerns.

Common Work-Related Injuries Chiropractors Can Help With

Workplace injuries encompass a broad spectrum, ranging from soft tissue injuries to sprains or strains. Chiropractors possess expertise in various common workplace injuries and their corresponding therapies. However, five primary categories of injuries frequently require workers’ compensation treatment.

Repetitive strain and motion Injuries represent the most prevalent workplace injuries, arising from repetitive stress or movement to specific body areas. These injuries result from gradual damage to nerves, muscles, or tendons due to repetitive actions such as typing, lifting boxes, swiping checkout items, grasping tools, or moving a mouse. They may manifest as bursitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, or tendonitis, affecting areas like the wrist, neck, shoulders, hands, elbows, or forearms. Symptoms vary from mild to severe and can include swelling, stiffness, throbbing, tenderness, numbness, and more.

Slip and fall injuries are also commonplace in the workplace, especially in buildings with smooth floors. Reduced traction increases the likelihood of slips, potentially resulting in severe breaks or sprains, though often resulting in mild discomfort or persistent pain. These injuries affect various body parts such as the back, head, neck, wrist, knees, and more, leading to slipped disc injuries, bruising, swelling, and inflammation. Chiropractors can aid in reducing inflammation and swelling, alleviating pain through body realignment, and prescribing exercises to strengthen the affected areas.

The First 72 Hours are Crucial

Soft tissue and repetitive stress injuries pose escalating risks over time, often going unnoticed initially. In the case of soft tissue injuries, symptoms may not manifest for several days or even longer. When the body undergoes shock or trauma, the brain releases hormones, flooding the system to mask pain receptors. Adrenaline, the primary hormone released during panic, fuels the fight or flight response. However, the effects of adrenaline can persist for days, prolonging the masking of pain.

Given the body’s efforts to mask pain, it is imperative to seek chiropractic care within 72 hours of an accident or injury. Waiting beyond this window heightens the risk of permanent damage or significantly delays the recovery process. Delaying treatment can exacerbate the injury’s severity and hinder the body’s natural healing mechanisms. By promptly seeking chiropractic intervention, individuals can mitigate long-term consequences and expedite their path to recovery.

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