How Small Businesses Are Shoring Up Their Cybersecurity in 2022

In the past decade, cybercrime has escalated to highs never before seen. Hackers have taken advantage of hardware and software vulnerabilities in small businesses around the world, leading to a high increase in data breaches and costly penalties for companies who neglect their cybersecurity.

In response, hardware engineers and software architects are increasingly working together to create more secure hardware and software. They are also working to secure hardware and software that already exists, which is estimated to bring down hardware-related costs by 2022.

Hardware engineers are making hardware more secure in a number of ways including:

  • Software architects are improving cybersecurity through open source hardware and software, an initiative led by the Open Compute Project Foundation. By creating open hardware and open hardware blueprints, hardware engineers can work together to create hardware that is more secure.
  • In addition, software architects are using the blockchain to create a more secure online world for everyone by recording all transactions on hardware systems that cannot be hacked. The blockchain acts as a public ledger of transactions between two individuals where each transaction is recorded and verified. The blockchain has already been implemented to create hardware systems that are more secure in the medical, financial, and diamond industries.
  • Small businesses are also working together with Managed IT Service Providers to keep their hardware and software updated. Updating hardware and software helps ensure hardware security through the latest hardware designs, including hardware created by hardware engineers, while up to date software helps prevent hardware and software issues from leading to security breaches.
  • In addition, Managed IT Service Providers provide hardware and software support to companies whose hardware or software systems aren’t functioning properly, which can prevent a hardware or software issue from turning into a cybersecurity incident.

These steps taken together will help small businesses shore up their cybersecurity in late 2022, reducing hardware-based hardware costs and cybersecurity incidents by 75%.

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