Los Angeles Driver Pulled From Truck, Beaten to Death After Attempting to Hit Crowd with Vehicle

After trying to strike a group of pedestrians with his truck, a man in Los Angeles was attacked and killed early Saturday morning.

Melguin Lopes Santos, 40 years old, had been involved in an altercation inside a Hawthorne Blvd business when he was expelled from the establishment.

Melguin returned to his truck in an attempt to hit people outside, but he was unsuccessful.

Melguin was taken out of the truck by his patrons and beaten to death.

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Four male suspects are still at large, and no arrests have been made.

CBS News Los Angeles reported:

Police were looking into the killing of an unidentified man in Hawthorne on Saturday morning. He was pulled from his truck and beat to death, after almost striking several pedestrians in front of a building.

Hawthorne Police received numerous calls about a vehicle that was driving on the sidewalk and trying to strike those who were standing around at 12:08 AM.

Melguin Lopez Santos, 40 years old from Los Angeles was identified by the coroner as the driver who died in the accident.

Santos had an earlier verbal altercation inside a business in the 14200 block of Hawthorne Boulevard and was asked to leave, but returned driving his truck onto the sidewalk and nearly struck several patrons, sheriff’s officials said.

He lost control of his truck, and he ended up hitting a tree.

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