Dr. Fauci’s Claim that the “Highly Effective and Safe Vaccine” Prevents Individual from Getting Infected with COVID-19 is FALSE (VIDEO)

Dr. Fauci in his recent interview with David Westin of Bloomberg said that the ‘highly effective and safe vaccine’ will help prevent individuals from getting infected with the COVID-19.

We all know this is absolutely ‘false.’

This man is not trustworthy. He contradicts his claims today with statements that he made yesterday and tomorrow.  His vehement attempts to change science at will isn’t based on any other than his words.

Before we go to his recent interview, let’s look at the real science and facts. In the past, Gateway Pundit reported that fully vaccinated patients are more likely to contract COVID-19 than those not yet vaccinated.

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According to the UK’s latest data, COVID rates in vaccinated individuals now surpass those of unvaccinated persons for every age over 30, according to the most recent figures.

The unvaccinated are more at risk than the vaccine-educated. Read the full article here: An epidemic of the vaccined: The latest UK data shows that in every age group, the rate of infection among vaxxed exceeds unvaxxed.

Even though Singapore ranks fifth in terms of vaccination rate, the Ministry of Health has reported that there was a significant increase in COVID-19-related breakthrough infections.  More than 80 per cent of the population is currently vaccinated to prevent COVID-19.

As of the 8th of October 2021, at 12pm, Singapore’s Ministry of Health has recorded a total of 3,590 new cases of COVID-19 infection, an increase from the 3,483 cases on Thursday. This represents the largest number of COVID-19 cases recorded since the start of the pandemic. The rest of the article can be found here: Covid-19 Infection Rates soar in Singapore despite the country having one the highest vaccination rates in the world at 83%

New data from a government funded project also showed that the majority (5.6 million) of Medicare beneficiaries who were 65+ and fully vaccinated had been infected.  It is possible that this means that the majority of those vaccinated are transmitting COVID-19. You can read the rest here: New Data from Department of Defense ‘Project Salus’ Shows Waning Immunity from COVID-19 Vaccine to its 5.6 Million Vaccinated Medicare Beneficiaries

Below are the data that shows that 71% of COVID-19-related cases were found in individuals who had been fully vaccinated, out of 80% of those 65 and over.

Below is data that shows how vaccine effectiveness declines with time. The data below shows that breakthrough infections increase after receiving vaccine for 5-6 months, compared with 3-4 months.

Wolf Blitzer was told by Dr.Rochelle Walensky, CDC Director and liberal mouthpiece that COVID vaccine could not prevent transmission.

During his recent interview with David Westin, Fauci was asked if there’s a new pill coming down the pipe.   Fauci replied:

“Well if you have a pill that looks promising. You should get vaccinated. David, in many ways, is false Narrative because you are protected from being infected and prevent you from contracting clinical diseases. That is what we are confident in. Vaccines that are safe and effective. Even if a pill gives you a 50 percent higher chance of getting vaccinated, it is still worth having. the hospital or even dying it is always something that’s common sense when you say it. It’s always better to not get. infected than to get infected and having to get treatment that goes for any disease certainly for Covid-19.”

You can watch: