Where are Secretary of Transportation ‘Mayor Pete’ and Biden as Hundreds of Ships Sit Anchored Off Shore Around the Country?

Is Mayor Pete Buttigieg or Biden missing when shelves are closing and ships sit offshore, awaiting to be loaded at port around the nation? What’s the deal?

Americans wonder why ships sit offshore and shelves at stores remain empty.

What’s Going On? There is an unprecedented increase in the number of containers ships leaving Los Angeles ports and Long Beach.

Biden made an Executive Order to identify the risk to each government group in his county.  But it didn’t address the current number of ships sitting off shore with products that are not being unloaded.

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People are now asking, “Where is Mayor Pete?”

Breitbart reported:

Critics are asking what Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg is doing about the congestion of cargo ships at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, as investigators point to a cargo ship’s anchor as a likely cause of a recent oil spill in the area.

As Breitbart News reported last month, there is a massive backup of cargo ships off the coast of Southern California, due to a variety of factors, including rising import demand, insufficient trucking, and workers’ reluctance to do night shifts.

Vielleicht Americans want to return to normal, but corrupt Biden/Obama seems to have other plans.