Arizona State University Sends Out Homework that Says Election of Donald Trump Posed a Threat to the World Trading System

Arizona State University Tempe Campus exposed another radical leftist propaganda operation.  According to a class assignment, Donald Trump’s election was one of those events that could threaten the global trading system.

A reader sent this to the Gateway Pundit regarding his daughter’s homework in her business management class.  It was about Government Policy, International Trade.

One of the questions asked, “What are two events that pose a threat to the world trading system?”

The options were: Confirmation of global warming, human rights abuses in many countries, the election of Donald Trump, Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union.

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Her daughter and her friends answered human rights abuses in many countries and Britain’s withdrawal from the EU.  Surprisingly they got only one correct answer. The quiz’s right answer was the withdrawal from the EU and the Donald Trump won the election.

We were informed by the parents that Julia LaRosa, the teacher was responsible for giving this homework.

US universities aren’t the ‘institutions of higher learning that they once were, and it’s only getting worse. It’s now an overt training camp for radical Marxists who hate America.

Gateway Pundit reached Arizona State University Professor Julia LaRosa to get their comments.

This article will be updated as soon as we have more information.