Does Your Brick Home Need A Masonry Contractors Help?

There can be many occasions when a brick structure needs repair or restoration work from a professional masonry contractor, but if you suspect your brickwork may need some attention, it’s important that you understand the difference between the repair of bricks, and the restoration of bricks, first. 

To help explain the differences, here is a short but comprehensive guide:

What is involved with the restoration of brickwork?

When brickwork is being restored, it is cleaned and repaired by a masonry contractor, to restore them to their former glory, and make them resemble a newly built structure again. 

The process of doing this typically involves cleaning the bricks by way of power washing (this should only ever be carried out by a professional if the brickwork is ageing), to help get rid of all of the dirt and stains that will inevitably have built up on it, along with repairing any cracks or other damage. 

What is involved with the repair of brickwork?

When bricks are being repaired by a masonry contractor, structural damage is fixed and bricks that have been damaged too badly, are replaced. Cracks or breaks will also be repaired during the process. 

Does your brickwork need help from a masonry contractor?

If you can see any (or all) of the following problems with any brickwork on your home, you should ask a professional to come out and assess it at the earliest. Quick action can usually make all the difference, and delaying repairs or restoration work typically serves only to make the problem worse and more costly to fix, further down the line:

  • Mortar that has deteriorated or is missing

This is a clear sign that repairs are needed, and if you see crumbling or missing mortar anywhere on your walls, steps, pavers or anywhere else, call a masonry contractor right away. 

  • Frost boil

When water is allowed to permeate masonry, and then freezes during extreme temperatures, it creates a type of damage known as frost boil. In some instances, frost boil can cause masonry to crack or break altogether, and if spotted, requires an immediate assessment from a masonry specialist. 

  • Bowed bricks

Weakened bricks are a likely cause of any bowing you might observe on the walls of your home, and this kind of damage is most likely to happen in those areas of the country that experience high levels of moisture and humidity on a regular basis. 

  • Cracked bricks

Weak bricks are also prone to cracking, and while this can be caused by a number of different factors (including frost damage, everyday wear and tear and structural movement), it’s essential to get them repaired as soon as possible. 

  • Cracks in drywall

If your drywall has started to crack, or your floors are slowly becoming uneven, this could mean that your home’s exterior is beginning to fail, and you may need expert intervention to ensure that its structural integrity is maintained. Masonry contractors are there to help home and business owners keep their properties safe and looking good at all times, and if you’re worried about your brickwork and the structural integrity of your home, don’t hesitate to reach out to a local company who will come out and assess the extent of the problem.