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Navigating Conflict with a Coworker

Navigating Conflict with a Coworker

Workplace tensions and disagreements are inevitable; they are because everyone has their view on various issues. Employees may have multiple conflicts and arguments with their co-workers regularly, so it would be best if we looked at ways of navigating a dispute with a coworker. The following piece explains how to handle conflicts in the workplace, according to pain management specialist Dr. Jordan Sudberg.

1. Addressing the Conflict Sooner

Sudberg says that most significant conflicts between co-workers habitually start as a slight misunderstanding, which is not addressed promptly. Such issues may become a significant conflict and can lead to discomfort. Jordan believes the problem can be easily resolved if co-workers agree there’s a misunderstanding. Also, if the problem is addressed before it matures, it will be a swift resolution. Jordan recommends that it is best to wait until both parties are present to try and resolve any issue.

2. Keeping a Positive Outlook

To maintain peace and a good productivity level, Dr. Sudberg says employees need to stay positive when there is a disagreement. He says being positive even when an issue arises is the best way to resolve the misunderstanding. Jordan believes positivity keeps one stress-free, even when the issue they face affects them directly or indirectly.

3. Discussing the Matter in Person

Dr. Jordan Sudberg believes that if employees decide to discuss a conflict with a co-worker, the best way to do it is through an open discussion. This ensures there is no confusion; other ways of engaging in a discussion can be through email. However, Jordan says the indirect approach will not likely solve the issue at hand.

4. Talking Calmly

Most people normally become emotional when there is a misunderstanding. Jordan Sudberg recommends that employees do their best to remain calm during an argument to reduce the tension in the workplace. Sudberg says that calmness maintains one’s reputation and is the best way to prevent a co-worker from being aggressive. If one feels that they cannot remain calm whenever they feel wronged or during arguments, they can stay away from engaging in arguments to save themselves from conflicts.

5. Getting Right to the Point

Mr. Sudberg says employees need to talk about what they believe led to the conflict. Being open at first is uncomfortable, but it allows both workers to express their views, eventually dealing with the conflict.

6. Seeking an Amicable Solution

It would be best if employees could seek a solution to their issue from the authorities. Since work should be carried out by the parties involved in the conflict, Sudberg says it is better to find a solution from the leaders even if the employees agree to disagree. The co-workers must agree to cooperate for perpetuity if they want to continue working together.


Most misunderstandings are usually resolved by the parties involved; in workplaces, disagreements may negatively affect production, and resolving conflicts soon after they happen is essential. Other employees can be handy in helping to resolve issues before they can be taken to higher authorities.