When Sri Lanka Banned Synthetic Fertilizers, the Country Imploded

Starvation. Poverty. Many people struggle to purchase medicine or fuel.

After one government was taken over by the environmental extremists of the world, disaster struck.

Many experts believe pure nature is the best. Officials at the United Nations now advise politicians that countries must make drastic sacrifices to address climate change.

Many of the waste is caused by synthetic fertilizer. So activists applauded Sri Lankan government’s decision that it would be the first to implement their recommendations. Sri Lanka has banned synthetic fertilizers.


The same farm produced less food suddenly. Food prices rose by 80 percent.

The result? Riots. My new video shows that thousands of people flooded the presidential mansion. One group had a barbecue on the president’s lawn.

President Trump resigned, and fled the country.

We need chemical fertilizers, it turns out.

Michael Shellenberger, an environmental writer says that if governments listened to green activists today there will be no mass starvation.

“We could only support two to three billion people on earth if we just relied on natural fertilizers like manure….There’s eight billion people.”

“Why don’t you just use more organic manure?” “Why can’t we just make more organic manure?” I wonder.

His explanation is that to make all the cows needed to provide the manure, it requires twice as much land. Because they use less land, synthetic fertilizers make it easier to save nature.

The environmental purists now make excuses to Sri Lanka.

Mother JonesThey said that it is “ridiculous” to just one person. [the fertilizer ban]Shellenberger called it the underlying cause. Some others believe that Sri Lanka needed more time to adapt to organic agriculture.

Shellenberger says, “But it might be possible to become poorer over 5-10 years instead of six months”. But the end result will remain the same.”

I disagree. I push back.

“But those problems also affected other countries, where economies have not fallen,” he replied. Its fertilizer ban was what made the difference for Sri Lanka.

It is right that chemical fertilizer should be feared. Chemical fertilizer can not only emit nitrous dioxide, but it also has the potential to kill fish by leaking into their waterways.

“Absolutely. Shellenberger says we should be worried. Shellenberger says that this can be dealt with by farmers gradually improving their ability to apply fertilizer.

It is already a practice that farmers are taking up. Fertilizer can be expensive so farmers are tempted to use it.

Shellenberger points to the fact that “we know that you can significantly reduce polluting while still producing food.” The Netherlands has a 70% reduction in fertilizer pollution.

However, this was not enough to satisfy environmentalists at the Dutch government. They are trying to make farmers reduce nitrogen emissions by half while admitting that 11,000 farms will be forced to close.

“[This green extremism]Shellenberger says that the situation is “out of control.” You would have thought that Sri Lanka would signal a shift in the direction of things. We haven’t noticed any slowdown.

However, the majority of countries have not yet adopted the worst ideas of the Green New Deal or banned synthetic fertilizer.

However, many countries shut down their nuclear facilities.

Joe Biden also stopped the long-planned sale off offshore oil rights. He also imposed a moratorium against new oil and gas leases of public land.

It is an attack on cheap energy.

Shellenberger states that “We’re experiencing the worst energy crisis since 50 years”. Shellenberger says that governments continue to try and make energy scarcer and more expensive. This is completely insane. “There is no other way to describe it.”

A chemical-free future It is insane. People’s lives are better with modern technologies such as synthetic fertilizer. These technologies are especially beneficial for the poor. Their ban is a disaster.

In Sri Lanka, the environmentalists got their way. We can only hope that they do not destroy other countries.