Greg Abbott Has Used Migrants as Political Pawns Again and Again. Now, He Says He’ll Bus Them to Capitol Hill.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott believes that Texas is in a “stabilizing” situation.Invasion“, which is made up of thousands of migrants who crossed the Rio Grande from Mexico to enter the United States. Abbott, who is now trying to resist the “Biden open border policies”, which he says are endangering Texans, and compromising national safety, has announced that he will implement a policy, which drew attention as soon as he made it public.

“To assist local officials who are overwhelmed by illegal immigrant hordes.” Abbott, Texas is offering charter buses to transport illegal immigrants that have been left by the Biden Administration to Washington, D.C.”

This announcement comes after the Biden administration decided not to extend Title 42, which gave U.S. Customs and Border Patrol officers permission to expel potential migrants immediately from their land borders. They were then unable to grant asylum claims to them. Abbott said, “We will send them to the United States Capitol,” and that the Biden administration would be better equipped to address immediate needs of those who are allowed to cross our border. Texas Division of Emergency Management Chief Nim Kidd To get the job done, the state will “use as many buses and trucks as it takes to obey the governor.”

Immigrant advocates as well as those who are at least somewhat respectful of individual rights immediately pointed out the immorality and illegality in Abbott’s proposal. The idea of transporting illegal immigrants across state boundaries against their wishes “sounds dangerously like federal felony kidnapping.” arguedAaron Reichlin–Melnick is senior policy counsel with the American Immigration Council. Title 8 U.S. Code Section 324(a) further provides additional information. states that “any person who…knowing or in reckless disregard of the fact that an alien has come to, entered, or remains in the United States in violation of law, transports, or moves or attempts to transport or move such alien within the United States by means of transportation or otherwise…shall be punished.”

Perhaps these snags explain why the governor’s offices has changed its tone about busing immigrants north. Following the press conference was a press release. stressedTo board a bus to Washington D.C., “a migrant must be willing to be moved.”

Even with the quick modification to Abbott’s border measures announced yesterday, the new busing policy sits atop a heap of misguided, expensive, and dubiously legal initiatives the governor has undertaken in order to keep migrants out of his state—people who have the right under U.S. immigration law to seek AsylumTexas

The man responsible for this policy is ProposedAfter the death of former President Donald Trump, he built his own border wall. Abbott’s Project, which is ongoing, ran into many of the same issues as Trump’s—exorbitant costs, tension between federal and state jurisdiction, and the need for egregious eminent domain claims in order to get the job done (not to mention a lack of widespread support). “The elected officials of border communities aren’t supportive.” [Abbott’s]Plans,” American Civil Liberties Union of Texas lawyer David Donatti Telled ReasonThis was last year.

The governor’s border-securing mission—Operation Lone Star—has been similarly fraught. Abbott and state officials braggedAbout “more than 11,000 illegal arrests and drug seizures amounting to millions of ‘lethal doses’” and tens and thousands of undocumented immigrants referred to the federal government to be deported. Watchdogs reported that there were “arrests by U.S citizens hundreds of miles away from the border,” as well as “claiming drug busts across the state”, and changed statistics and metrics to measure success. The Texas Tribune. Numerous Texas National Guard soldiers are stationed at border SuicideWhile dozens of others were being removed during the operation criticizedThe internal survey was used to execute the mission. Despite its poor track record, Operation Lone Star is still active. CostsEvery week, more than $2.5 million is paid by taxpayers.

Given this background, Abbott’s anti-migrant rhetoric is not surprising. This spectacle comes at Texas taxpayers’ expense and ignores legal or humanitarian obligations towards asylum seekers. Given the substantial contributions that immigrants make to Texas’ economy and workforce, simply taking in migrants is a better way of using resources than busing them away.

Texas has an immigrant population of one in six residents. Payed2018: $12.3 billion state and local taxes Immigrants without documentation ContributedThis figure is $1.6 billion, and it’s widely applicable. Not eligibleTexas public welfare programs like Medicaid and food stamps. More immigrants contribute than they are take—certainly in Texas, which SpendingMore than any other country in terms of border security.

Unquestionably, many border communities will see their resources being strained due to migrant inflows. This situation is likely to worsen as the Biden administration suspends Title 42 and allows expulsions. However, the exorbitant public spending on Operation Lone Star didn’t stop migrants from arriving in Texas. Neither will investing in interstate busses and flights for migrants solve Texas’ immigration problems. Title 42 is not as controversial as the Biden Administration’s suspension. Encouraged Repeat crossings, smuggling and other illegal activities. Abbott speaks out about the dangers of crime and chaos on the frontier, but ignores the other part.

Although concerns about the ability of border communities to handle migrants are legitimate, it is up to Biden to make sure that the appropriate agencies have the resources to efficiently process them. It remains to be determined if it is able to do so. IThe federal government is responsible for mmigration enforcement. Abbott does not have the Legal AuthorityHe will continue to be a part of the work he does at the border. It appears that immigrants will remain pawns in his political games.