‘Never Trump’ Conservative Tara Setmayer Predicts Kevin McCarthy Will Never Be Speaker Of The House On “The View”

On Thursday, “The View” guest host, conservative Tara Setmayer, predicted that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy “will never be Speaker of the House.”

Setmayer boasts a very interesting history. She spent years as communications director for GOP Rep. Dana Rohrabacher before becoming a regular on cable news as a ‘Never Trump’ Republican.

She’s now a senior advisor to the Never Trump group “The Lincoln Project.”

In light of this, McCarthy’s comments may not reflect the logic most readers might expect.

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Setmayer: ‘He’s a wimp! Kevin McCarthy is a wimp. He’s afraid of his own base’

Left-leaning regular host Joy Behar criticized McCarthy for not ‘policing’ the Republican Party better, in reference to the latest manufactured media scandal surrounding freshman Republican Congressman Madison Cawthorn, who said on a podcast that he had been invited to orgies and seen politicians use hard drugs.

This has caused great concern among politicians and media.

Setmayer responded to Behar asking aloud why McCarthy was attacking Cawthorn, arguing that McCarthy wouldn’t become Speaker, but not because he’s You can alsoEstablishment or too friendly to Democrats and the big government. McCarthy may be too close to Trump.

“He’s a wimp! Kevin McCarthy is a wimp. He’s afraid of his own base.”

After a back-and-forth about unproven sexual allegations against Cawthorn, co-host Sunny Hostin said of the House minority leader, “He didn’t seem to care about Trump doing all of the things that he has done, he actually went to Mar-a-Lago and kissed his ring. He didn’t seem to care about Marjorie Taylor Greene, he doesn’t seem to care much about Lauren Boebert.

“He doesn’t seem to care much about anything but all of a sudden he’s lost his trust in this young man,” she added.

“I’ll tell you why. It’s called politics,” Setmayer replied. “Kevin McCarthy has every waking moment of his political life, he’s dreamed of being Speaker of the House.”

Setmayer put forward her belief that McCarthy would never become Speaker. She channelled her best Nicolle Wall:

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Setmayer on possible Speaker McCarthy: Hard right will ‘will stage a coup against him and he needs all of their votes’

“He’ll not get enough of the Republican base together to vote for him, and he can’t lose the Putin-wing, the Trump-wing of the Republican party which is Marjorie Taylor Greene, Boebert, Matt Gaetz. They’ll stage a coup against his government and need their support. That’s why he’s doing this now. He knows now, if they go too far, he’s going to lose the other guys,” Setmayer explained.

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg rounded out the conversation by asking, “What the hell is happening in this country? What is it that we’re missing? Because I don’t remember ever having adults act this way.”

“What is happening?” she finished.