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Incentives and Staff Motivation

Incentives and Staff Motivation

Dr. Jordan Sudberg, is a very well respected doctor that specializes in pain management. Dr. Sudberg is the CEO of a medical practice located in Islandia, NY. Sudberg is a native of New York City, and has received his medical training at some of the top medical schools in the country. Those schools include North Shore Long Island Jewish Hospital in New York, and Harvard University Massachusetts General Hospital. Dr. Sudberg has achieved an acclaimed expertise in Regenerative medical techniques. Dr. Sudberg has a strong work philosophy when it comes to his medical staff. He believes in having a staff that operates as one cohesive team.

Dr. Jordan Sudberg facilitates healthy communication between himself and his staff. He regularly offers his cherished staff incentives and different types of motivation. HE believes that these techniques translate into a more impactful team. Dr. Sudberg prides himself in providing excellent care for his patients, he believes that having a confident satisfied staff carries over into patient care. Dr. Sudberg believes that providing incentives for his staff motivates positive behavior and productivity, in ways that can not be matched without incentives.

Dr. Sudberg has a true passion for the work that he does and the medical care he provides to his patients. His stellar reviews by his patients is a reflection of his skills and his motivated and caring staff of medical professionals. Dr. Sudberg knows that incentives for employees can be a very tricky balance. He relies on his research of methods that have been successful as far as a very motivated staff. Dr. Sudberg is very aware of the various needs of his staff of medical professionals. He has fine tuned incentives and how that results in a thoughtful and motivated staff.

Great work performance by Dr. Sudberg’s medical staff is rewarded with incentives, such as days off and pay increases. Dr. Jordan Sudberg goes above and beyond the normal tactics employed in showing his staff that their hard work is appreciated by him and his loyal patients. Research that Dr. Sudberg conducted relating to staff performance indicated that employees that feel appreciated have overall better work performance. Part of the hiring process employed by Dr. Sundberg is adding team members that feel that their jobs will make a big difference in the lives of the patients they care for.

Dr. Sudberg takes pride in the fact that his staff are all long-term employees, and the turnover rate at his practice is much lower than the average. He believes the incentives that he provides to his staff keeps them motivated to excel at their jobs and continue to provide excellent care to the patients they interact with daily. Dr. Sudberg provides a very positive work environment and encourages staff to get out of the building during meal breaks. He also makes sure that the workplace is safe and that the staff feel that they are part of a close necessary team. Dr. Sudberg believes that the incentives he provides to his staff directly results in a positively motivated staff of professionals he calls his second family.