Four Hours at the Capitol

Eduardo Nicolas Alvear Gonzalez was the flag-clad man who was captured smoking pot at the Capitol Rotunda in January 2021. He eventually pleaded guilty to one misdemeanor. He explains in an HBO documentary on the Capitol Riot that he was converted to Donald Trump’s support after learning about the sinister cabal that sexually enslaved 800,000. children per year.

Gonzalez, despite his crazy beliefs, is considered a voice for reason in comparison to the many Trump-followers we see. The Capitol for Four Hours. His expression is that of a wonderstruck, joyful tourist and not an angry rioter. Even sharing his stash of cash with demonstrators helped to cool things down.

There were many peaceful intruders like Gonzalez, as well as vandals, thugs, who attacked officers and terrorized legislators. Former President Jimmy Carter claimed that the intruders had “almost succeeded” in stopping the democratic transfer to power, but they didn’t come close. The most aggressive were not able to know which direction they should go, and even the ones that did knew what their final goal were.

This outrageous, but foolish, attack on Capitol was humiliating for America, and indisputable proof of Trump’s self-absorption. It also marked the end of a bizarre presidency. This movie shows it more as a tantrum than an imminent coup.