Wordle, an online game created by Josh Wardle, has a very simple objective: To guess a five letter word in six attempts, you must use no more that six attempts. The computer highlights letters found in the correct answer after a guess is made. Shaded green is a correctly-placed letter. That’s it! The majority of puzzles are easy to solve in a matter of minutes.

Why has this simple game become so popular on social media? Wardle introduced a new feature that allows players to post their scores, but not reveal the answer, creating a lot of competition. It’s rewarding to win in four guesses—two, even more so. There are endless Twitter discussions about the perfect starter word. This reviewer prefers Stareadieu is annoyingly popular among the unwashed masses.) Wordle is only one puzzle per day so it should not be a cause for concern about screen addiction. It’s a wholesome, brief distraction—in an ideal world, exactly what social media would exist for.