Hunter Biden On List Of Americans Sanctioned By Russia

Russia has responded to the U.S. latest sanctions by imposing some of its own sanctions in the midst of the conflict with Ukraine.

The list of those sanctioned has some curious names on it – including President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, and former Secretary of State and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. 

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‘Russophobic’ Policies

Russia’s Foreign Ministry said that the sanctions were the consequence of what was described as an “extremely Russophobic policy” coming from the White House.

Russia is quite transparent about the move, saying it is based on “the principle of reciprocity.” It bars those listed from entering Russia and would freeze any financial assets that may be kept there – as unlikely as either of those scenarios may seem for most of the people on the list.

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The Curious Collection Of Names

Interesting is the fact that Hillary Clinton and Hunter Biden are both on the Russian sanction list.

Hunter Biden’s business dealings in both Ukraine and China have been the topic of speculation since his father announced his run for the White House.

New York Post reported that Hunter had received an email from Burisma, an advisor to the Ukrainian energy firm. It was a thank you note.

Hunter Biden famously joined the board of Burisma after the 2014 Maidan Revolution – despite having no qualifications – and was paid up to $50,000 per month, according to Vox.

Joe Biden has called allegations against his son a “smear campaign.” 

Justice Department investigators are currently investigating Hunter Biden.

Hillary Clinton took great pains to link Donald Trump’s former president and Trump Organization to Russian banks during her 2016 presidential campaign. Back in February, documents from special counsel John Durham revealed that the Clinton campaign had allegedly paid an internet company to monitor internet servers at both Trump Tower and the President’s office in order to make the allegations more believable.

That same day, Clinton demanded Trump answer questions about his “Russian ties.”

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The Rest Of The Russian ‘All Stars’

Other than the Bidens, Clinton and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin are prominent figures on this list. Jake Sullivan is National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan and Mark Milley is Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff. Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary, was also included.

Psaki was quick to respond to the threats, saying

“I would first note that president Biden is a junior, so they may have sanctioned his dad. He may rest in peace. The second piece, I would say, is that won’t surprise any of you, that none of us are planning tourist trips to Russia. None of us have bank accounts that we won’t be able to access. So we will forge ahead.”