Ron Paul on War, Money, and the Libertarian Moment

I dislike politicians. People who want to control the lives of others are not trustworthy.

Ron Paul, a former Texas Congressman is a different story. Ron Paul wants the government to be accountable. Let us go.

Before I even considered them, he argued for the advantages of free markets and limited government.

In 2007, I was the first to interview Paul. It was not broadcast by ABC News. It was only available online. Everything is now online. It’s easier for me to use it that way.

Paul and I made a longer, new video this week.

Paul ran for president three times, losing first as a Libertarian—and then twice as a Republican. He won 10% of the primary vote his second attempt.

I believed then that libertarianism was finally being appreciated by Americans. The New York Times MagazineSo, even the question was “Has ‘Libertarian Moment ‘Even Arrived?”

It was death at its most.

Libertarian candidates are now getting fewer votes that Paul in 2012.

I ask him, “Did your progress?” “Did you make progress?” I ask him.

Paul claims that his ultimate goal was to inspire people to consider freedom. It seems that he is at least partial success.

Paul was first politically involved in 1971, when President Richard Nixon lifted the U.S. dollars from the gold standard.

Paul states that “the money issue impacts every aspect liberty.” “If you’re inclined to think that we’re in too many wars, well, there wouldn’t be—if they couldn’t just print money for it.”

The Federal Reserve now just prints more money. Paul says that when he first visited Congress, no one cared about Federal Reserve.

His presidential campaigns attracted attention, particularly from youth, to the Fed and the liberty movement. Paul was actually the first choice among youth in nearly every Republican primary.

But now Sen. Bernie Sanders (I–Vt.) The young are most fondly attracted to Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) Paul reminds me that today’s young people prefer socialism over capitalism.

Paul replies, “There are more socialist professors.”

Paul, although a staunch antiwarist, joined Congress after 9/11 and voted for troops to be sent to Afghanistan. He wanted to get out of Afghanistan and find the perpetrators.

“That was not what it meant.” [America]Paul says that he had the power to try and transform Afghanistan. That’s exactly what American politicians wanted to do.

When Paul suggested that the U.S. was being attacked in a Republican presidential debate 2007, the crowd booed him. because “we’ve been bombing Iraq for 10 years…what would happen if somebody did it to us?”

Candidate Rudy Giuliani won applause responding, “That’s really an extraordinary statement…I don’t think I’ve ever heard that before. There have been some very absurd explanations of Sept. 11.”

Really? Giuliani has never heard this explanation.

Then, he was not paying attention. Osama Bin Laden complained for years about the occupation of the Middle East by Westerners. He wrote, “Expel them with humiliation and defeat from the sacred places of Islam.”

The act of sending American soldiers into other countries’ territory is clearly a provocative one. If Chinese soldiers had been stationed in my neighborhood, I would find it mad.

Giuliani won debate applause but, 15 months later no delegates. Paul was elected 21 times.

But American politicians want to continue to control the world. America has more than 750 military bases across 80 countries. Paul refers to the military industrial complex as “the most dangerous PAC.”

Last month, President Joe Biden sent 3000 soldiers to Eastern Europe. [Putin’s]Acting aggressively we will ensure that our NATO allies, and Eastern Europe are reassured.

Paul replied, “That is garbage.” What right have we to go there? It doesn’t have national security. We had troops in Saudi Arabia for national security and look at what that brought…it has nothing to do with helping Americans, except those who might get a better paycheck.”

I disagree. I push back. “If we do not, they will invade other nations.”

Paul warns that government shouldn’t scare people into declaring war on them. Totalitarians use fear to their advantage. Paul’s antiwar arguments have moved the public. We might still be fighting in Ukraine today if Ron Paul had not warned of the dangers that America is policing other parts of the globe.