The following passage came to my attention from Andrew Kramer, New York Times.

When asked if he was scared of losing his life in war, he replied: [Volodymyr Zelensky] said everybody has such fears…. “[I]If a person doesn’t fear losing his life or his children’s lives, then that is a sign of unwellness. He said, however, that he did not feel the need to be scared because he was president.

The Times of London also stated that Zelensky was the victim of three assassination attempts. This reminded me of two related but different passages in Rebecca West’s Epilogue. Grey Falcon, Black Lamb pp. 1125 and 1130 (1941), English writings right after France’s fall.

It was good to take up one’s courage again, which had been laid aside so long, and feel how comfortably it fitted into the hand….

They were not afraidless, so let’s not make them feel inferior. They were not as fearless as the ox or the ass. Their pale lips remained glued together, refusing to speak the words of security or dishonour. first published the post Fear