Cooler Heads Must Prevail in Ukraine

Many millions of people watched with sadness, anger, frustration the Russian invasion on Ukraine. Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Ukrainian President, and Vitali Klitschko Mayor of Kyiv You have been praisedFrom all over the world, for fighting freedom against the powerful imperialists.

Militant conflict can be a source of injustice, suffering, or death. The harsh reality of military conflict is cold. Even the most well-intentioned intentions sometimes fail, or worsening it.

It is crucial that the U.S., and allies respond to threats with objective strategic thinking. This means avoiding the emotional and well-intentioned decisions that lead to irrationality.

As UkrainiansEvacuate your family Take up armsMany people have an instinctive need to protect their community and help others. After witnessing the actions of civilians hunker downUnderground stations are protected against aerial attacks U.S. Members of Congressthey were persuaded and started to listen to Zelenskyy’s plea for America to create an “no-fly zone” for Russian aircraft to aid Ukraine.Stop the aggressor.” 

While it is admirable to want to defend civilians, there are many other reasons. Recently interviewedWith Foreign PolicyFormer supreme all-allied commander for NATO Operations, General Philip Breedlove, explains how it would be too risky to set up and enforce such a zone.. Breedlove says, “You must be prepared to use force against anyone who breaks the no fly zone.” Breedlove adds, “If you’re going to fly NATO or coalition aircraft in that no-fly area, we need to eliminate all weapons that could fire into it and cause damage to our aircraft.” In order to establish a no-fly zone above Ukraine, it would be necessary to disable Russian communications and radars, as well as air defense weapon systems. This could lead eventually, however, towards attacking any Russian aircraft within the area.

Breedlove feels that the establishment of a “no fly” zone could be “construed as an act de guerre” by many. It would also not help avoid nuclear attack, which is at the top of the escalated ladder. Russian President Vladimir Putin declared his nation’s nuclear weapons on “an emergency basis” this weekend.Alert!.”

This conflict could escalate into a nuclear war. Emotions should not be allowed to get in the way. Breedlove is fully aware of the implications and supports an “no fly” zone. He was not able to answer questions about the matter. Responded“Are you going to watch as a powerful world power invades, subjugates, or destroys the sovereign country of Ukraine?” Breedlove’s call for a no-fly zone in Ukraine is not unique. Last week, Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) tweetedThe fate of Ukraine is being determined tonight. But also that of the West. At the request of their sovereign government, declare a #NoFlyZone against Ukraine. Kinzinger’s tweet received a response intense criticism from other members of Congress, veterans, and analysts—rightfully so. No matter how difficult a situation may be, it is important to maintain a level head when examining national interests. 

Watching in horror as Libyan emotionalism erupted in 2011, was a disturbing sight for the entire world. Reports indicated that Libyan leader Moammar Gaddhafi was preparing to launch aerial attacks against innocent civilians during civil unrest. NATO created a “no fly” zone. United Nations authorizationThis made the conflict into a full-scale civil war. Thousands died over a span of just a few years—including U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens. Libya was transformed into a The perfect breeding ground for terrorist actsWith an unrelenting determination Crisis of Refugees. These problems still exist today.

Emotional driving of foreign policy can be shortsighted. This is especially true when short-term visions may cause serious, long-term damage. Washington must prevent Putin’s incursion in Ukraine becoming a threat to Americans’ lives and freedoms. All other actions, regardless of how noble, are not in the U.S. security interest and may jeopardize this primary goal.