Joe Rogan, Canadian Truckers, Coronavirus Mandates, and the Terrible State of Free Speech

Matt Welch (with Katherine Manguward and Peter Suderman), and Nick Gillespie meet to discuss and debate the takeaways of the Ottawa trucker demonstrations, U.S. Foreign Policy, and the Olympics. This Monday’s show will feature all of this. Roundtable Reason.

The following topics were discussed during the event:

1:45: Ottawa Protests. GoFundMe Response. Joe Rogan.

The world’s police shouldn’t be our police vis-à-vis random dictators doing evil
They do the same to their residents, but I am less certain that we should pull out.
As many libertarians as possible, all great power competition. Jo would have won in
2020: What would stop Xi, for example, from declaring South China’s ownership
Sea and dominating or even invading Japan/Taiwan/Australia? We are what we do
Better if Putin is able to occupy Estonian and Polish because he likes it.

47.54: Why are the Olympics not doing as well this season?

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