NATO Unity Is Put to the Test

Today, President Joe Biden met for the first-time with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz to allay American concerns that Germany was an “unreliable” partner in the Russia-Ukraine conflict. The role of the European Union’s biggest economy in case Russia invades Ukraine is still unknown.

Germany’s “soft treatment of Russia” at its border with Ukraine has been criticized in the past. The German Chancellor, Sholz, has not been forthcoming in describing what Germany would do if Russia invades Ukraine.Biden tried to dispel that doubt in Monday’s press conference DeclareGermany has been described as an “incredibly reliable ally”

Germany was the recipient of weapons from countries such as the United States, France and Britain. Helmets sent—which Scholz InsistedUkraine needed it. The German leader was the subject of strong criticism from both the right and left. Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D–Conn.) Consider these ideas Germany has been “missing in action,” and Sen. Robert Portman (R–Ohio) questionedWhy Germany won’t allow planes carrying military assistance for Ukraine through German airspace 

This narrative was resisted by the Chancellor By telling The Washington Post“The truth is that Germany, the largest NATO member in Europe, is constantly strengthening its military forces. This is why we’re a great partner. You can embrace the philosophy that Germany is an a Most pacifistScholz The German tradition is highlightedAvoid sending arms into crises countries.

One wrinkle in Germany’s relations with Russia is the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. Referred as “Anonymous”.Existential Threat“To Ukraine, The natural gas linkRussia and Germany will make them both heavily dependent on Russia to provide energy. Scholz was asked if Nord Stream 2 could be cut if Russia invades Ukraine. It was vaguely answeredWe are united in all our decisions, and together we will make the right choices. Scholz is also RefusedTo name the Nord Stream 2 pipe outright. It is not possible for the U.S. to impose sanctions on an economic as big as Russia’s. This makes it more difficult to know how sanctions might be implemented.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will result in “the most severe sanctions” ClaimBiden has reached an agreement with Germany to implement this plan. The public has not been given any details about the sanction. 

President Biden & Chancellor Scholz agreed that when it comes to Russian aggression, “diplomacy is the best way forward on all sides,” and it appears that their French ally is on the same page. On Monday, President Emmanuel Macron tweeted“Let’s start building a reaction that is useful to Russia and useful for Europe in general. A response that prevents war, builds trust, stability, visibility, and helps us build the necessary elements for peace. Together.”

When Chancellor Scholz meets President Putin on February 15, the world will be able to see if Germany is going to keep its promise.