Brickbat: Hot Wheels


According to the lawsuit that he filed, Dustin Bates sustained fractured ribs and injuries to his right leg, spine, and right leg when he was hit by a Lake Worth police SUV. He fled from officers on foot. Bates was then charged with drug possession and evading arrest. However, those charges were dropped by the prosecutors. J.T. Lake Worth police chief Manoushagian stated that an investigation revealed that Jonathan Granado, Lake Worth Police Chief, chased Bates after he crashed a bike he was riding. He then continued on foot into a field where Granado drove his vehicle on the wet grass and hit Bates at 45 mph. A Tarrant County grand jury declined to indict Granado. The Department of Justice declined to act against Granado.’s first post, Brickbat: Hot Wheels, appeared on