CA Gov. Newsom, LA, And San Fran Mayors All Take Pictures Maskless At NFL Game

The rule among elected officials in California continues to be “OK for me, but not for thee.”

California Governor. Gavin Newsom, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, and San Francisco Mayor London Breed all appeared in pictures with basketball great Earvin “Magic” Johnson during the NFC Championship game not wearing masks as is mandated in Los Angeles and at the stadium.

These images are only the latest examples of ongoing issues involving elected representatives who fail to follow their COVID mandates or regulations.

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Calling out hypocrisy

The rampant hypocrisy was not lost on Republican State Senator Melissa Melendez, who tweeted out, “Toddlers are being forced to wear masks all day long in school. Maybe one day they’ll be governor or the mayor of L.A. and they won’t have to follow the rules they impose on others.”

According to the Sacramento Bee report, Newsom said:

“I was very judicious yesterday. Very judicious. And you’ll see in the photo that I did take, where Magic was kind enough, generous enough to ask me for a photograph, and in my left hand’s the mask and I took a photo. It was a normal outfit that I wear all the time. It was not when I had any water. And I encourage everybody else to do so. And that’s it.”

SoFi Stadium’s official rules require that all visitors must wear masks, with the exception of those who are actively eating or drinking. 

California Republican Party Chairwoman Jessica Millan Patterson also blasted the Governor’s double standard, saying:

“Quite the message for @GavinNewsom to send to California parents, that they still must send their children to school in masks while he ignores his rules and gets to watch some football mask free. #RulesForThee. In related news, are we done with your state of emergency now?”

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Super Bowl fans will be subject to tighter restrictions

For those attending this year’s Super Bowl game at the same stadium, the rules will be strict.

A mask must be worn at all times regardless of your vaccination status. 

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It’s not the first time for a newsom or a breed

Sunday’s outing to the football game was not Gavin Newsom’s first outing exempting himself from his state’s mask policies. Newsom was also seen unmasked with a group of other people in November at French Laundry.

San Francisco Mayor London Breed also violated her own city’s mask mandates. Breed was caught on video in September 2021 dancing naked in a jam-packed jazz club. Breed immediately cast herself as a victim of the “fun police,” implying that her mask indiscretions were OK because she was merely “feeling the spirit.” 

Super Bowl will take place on February 13. No word on whether or not any of California’s elected officials will be in attendance wearing a mask, or if they will be “feeling the spirit” of once again ignoring their own rules.