The Media’s Censorious Freakout Over Joe Rogan

On Monday This is the Reason Roundtable‘s Matt Welch, Katherine Mangu-Ward, Peter Suderman, and Nick Gillespie gather together to discuss the upcoming Supreme Court appointment, Neil Young leaving Spotify, and why they all live in libertarian-unfriendly cities.

The following topics were discussed during the event:

2.06: Supreme Court and Identity Politics

17:47: Neil Young’s Ultimatum for Spotify

41:45 Weekly listener question: Being a radical libertarian, living in NY/DC/California makes me miserable. Is it important to live in that area? Is there a reason for journalism? Do you like the notion of voting with your feet? Bonus points for Suderman’s answer that doesn’t include the expression “cocktail bar”

52:43: Media suggestions for the week. Click here to see all the media recommendations. Roundtable(Never forget about’s media suggestions.

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