The Complete Guide to Getting Repeat Customers to Your Restaurant

Getting repeat customers to your restaurant is the key to having a successful business. People will always come back to places they love and crave the food served there. While repeat customers are essential, getting them in the door can be difficult. Here are 5 expert tips for repeat customer retention:

1. Keep it Clean

Even if you have repeat customers coming in once or twice per week, keeping your restaurant clean should still be at the top of your priority list. You’ve already earned repeat business from these people; keep up by keeping things fresh and tidy. In addition to regular cleanings, you should make sure dishes look their absolute best when leaving the kitchen. 

2. Talk About Loyal Patrons

Share on Facebook or Twitter that your repeat customers are the best. This will allow repeat patrons to feel special. It may even convince new customers to come in specifically because these loyal patrons have come back for more and they want to know what repeat customers love.

3. Plan Repeat Events

Send out an email with a special offer just for repeat customers: free appetizers , discounted drinks, or maybe even a coupon for $5 off their next meal. Repeat events like this give good incentive for repeat customer retention and also help get new faces through the door.

4. Make it Easy

There’s nothing worse than realizing you need something but having trouble finding it, so make sure there is signage around your restaurant clearly pointing out anything repeat customers might need. For example, repeat customers should know where the restrooms are located, where they can wait for their table, and any special events that repeat each week.

5. Make Mobile Ordering Your Friend

You don’t want repeat patrons to have to wait at all when it’s busy, which means repeat mobile orders are an excellent idea. Mobile ordering apps offered by ToGo Technologies make it easy for repeat customers to place their order right from their phone without having to go through any hassle on your end. Don’t forget about loyalty programs either! Using apps created by ToGo Technologies will allow repeat customers to earn rewards with every purchase made. Rewards encourage repeat business, so make sure new patrons know there is something extra in store for repeat purchases.

Whether you’re running a new restaurant or an old favorite, repeat business is what will keep your doors open for years to come. With these tips, repeat customer retention won’t be so hard!