Leaks from SCOTUS About Maskgate!?

It was September when I rejoiced that no leakage had occurred from the Supreme Court to press. Joan Biskupic had once more leaks that a plumber and came out dry. Chief Justice Roberts didn’t have to resign.

Now, fast forward to January 18. A number of journalists had reported on the leakage from the Supreme Court. We do not know anything about the Supreme Court. DobbsThe shadow docket or pending retirement news. There are leaks around Maskgate. Justice Gorsuch made the right decision to not wear a mask while sitting at the bench.

Nina Totenberg included the following tidbits in her published report.

However, things have changed since the omicron surge. According to court sources Sotomayor felt unsafe in close proximity of unmasked people. Chief Justice John Roberts, understanding that, in some form asked the other justices to mask up.

They did. Gorsuch sits beside Sotomayor at the bench, however. Sotomayor, who has refused to attend the weekly justices conference since that time, has instead joined by phone.

After reading these paragraphs I felt immediately more positive. Totenberg somehow reported something that Chief Justice Roberts had done. It is not clear what exactly he did. Roberts nevertheless took action. Jon Adler (Co-Blogger) also reported on Totenberg’s reportage:

Totenberg’s particular report wording (italicized above), caught my attention. Is it possible that the Chief Justice asked other justices in “in some way”? Totenberg is a meticulous reporter. This extra language exists for a reason. This qualifier language serves a purpose, just as journalists are careful with how they describe anonymous sources. This language serves a purpose. It indicates that although there wasn’t a direct, formal request by the Chief from all of the other justices to obtain the information, the source did provide some details.

Totenberg later appeared on All Things Considered. She reiterated her claims almost verbatim.

However, things had improved with the omicron increase. According to court sources Sotomayor felt unsafe in close proximity of unmasked people. Therefore, Chief Justice John Roberts realized that it was necessary for justices to conceal their identities.All of them did except Gorsuch (who, it turns out, is next to Sotomayor) on the bench. Sotomayor was unable to attend the weekly justices conference because of his refusal. Instead, she joined by phone. She will again do so this week.

She commented almost identically on live broadcast, though she did add “some form” Or another.Totenberg again seems to write based on inside knowledge.

Tuesday night, Ariane De Vogue posted a similar story on CNN.

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor listens to arguments from her chambers remotely because it is uncomfortable sitting next to colleagues, such as Justice Neil Gorsuch. Source familiar with the matter.

This is a source that we can rely on, it’s not multiple. It does not mention a Court source or any other qualifier. It simply says that the source was familiar with the particular situation. We don’t know how that source got the inside scoop.

We will see this section later on in the article.

Sotomayor, at times in the first term, wore a mask to the bench for many of his cases. A second sourceAccording to sources familiar with the matter, Sotomayor raised her concerns to Chief Justice John Roberts after Omicron rose. According to a source, she didn’t ask Gorsuch for a mask. She was able to participate remotely in arguments during this month.

We now have another source. While the accounts look similar, it’s not certain if this is the same source as the one mentioned in paragraph 1. What is the secret of Justice Sotomayor and Chief Justice Roberts’ private conversations?

Shannon Bream finally appeared Fox NewsTotenberg’s report. She replied:

A source within the Supreme Court claims that Chief Justice Roberts did not request Justices wear masks in order to argue. According to the source, Justice Sotomayor never requested Justice Gorsuch. According to me, Justice Gorsuch did not refuse, as I understand it.

We have “a source at Supreme Court” and not “a source familiar with the circumstances.” The source is closer to Court. However, the statement does not provide much assistance. Roberts might have made a request or a banal admonition. Totenberg’s thoughtfully crafted statement implies that Totenberg may have done something deeper. Bream is in agreement with De Vogue, that Sotomayor never asked Gorsuch directly.

These leaks are a mystery to me. Private conversations somehow make it to the media. Each of the three journalists have identical accounts with slight variations in their shadings. This leak should not be interpreted as a warning about future leaks. Dobbsfor other purposes. The situation has been quiet. Still on the hunt for writings in a short time about the abortion case. Similar to BostockThis pattern indicates that something is going on.