Chief Justice Roberts, and Justice Sotomayor and Gorsuch Release Statements About #Maskgate

A provocative article I wrote in August 2020 was titled, “A Supreme Court Divided Could Not Stand.” John Roberts needs to step up, or else. It was clear that the Supreme Court was experiencing more leakage than the Titanic. I believed it was time to take decisive steps in order to correct the ship. Which was the first? Roberts needs to speak up.

First, the chief judge must make an immediate public statement on behalf of himself about the leaks. The chief justice should immediately declare the leaks inacceptable and inform that he’s investigating any breaches of confidentiality. He can’t deny that reality exists. For the stopping of bleeding, the Court will need an emergency tourniquet.

My pleasure is to announce that Chief Justice Roberts has listened to my suggestions.

We received an extraordinary response from the Court in response to #Maskgate

Justices Sotomayor, Gorsuch and a Joint Statement were first issued. statement:

Just in: Justice Sotomayor’s statement and Justice Gorsuch’s: We were surprised by the report that Justice Sotomayor requested Justice Gorsuch wear a mask.  False.  Despite our disagreements about law sometimes, we remain close friends and colleagues.

This statement, however, did not resolve the issue. According to leaked reports, Sotomayor requested Roberts talk to Gorsuch or some similar. It seems that #Maskgate is growing!

Zweitens, Chief Justice Roberts released a statement

“I never asked Justice Gorsuch and any other Justice for a mask to be worn on the bench.”

Roberts, Sotomayor and Gorsuch are all very well. Leaders of the Supreme Court Press Corps relied upon inaccurate sources, which led to them getting burned. The Court has been fighting against disinformation and leaks, which I appreciate. At this point, I don’t think the Chief should resign.

However, there is always a but. Making a statement creates precedent. Is there a way to respond if future leaks occur? Is it reasonable to assume the leaks were true, or the Justices couldn’t agree on a response.

Let #Maskgate go! This is a ridiculous controversy.