‘Beyond Parody’: CNN Announces They’re Hiring Team To Cover ‘Misinformation’

CNN Business Managing Editor Alex Koppelman announced on Twitter Tuesday that the network is hiring a team that will be dedicated to covering ‘misinformation.’

“I’m hiring 3 people for a new CNN team dedicated to covering misinformation,” Koppelman wrote.

This is kind of like hiring an investigator to find out who committed a local jewel theft.

He continued to describe the gig and explained exactly what it meant.

“What do we mean by covering misinformation? Really it’s about covering reality: The uses, abuses, and distortions of it, the people twisting it, and the effect that has on all of us,” added Koppelman.

“We already do a lot of important work on this; we want to do more.”

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CNN Hiring Misinformation Team

CNN’s announcement to hire a misinformation team was met with anger by critics.

“Beyond parody,” wrote Buck Sexton, co-host of The Buck Sexton and Clay Travis Show.

Glenn Greenwald, a journalist, pointed out that CNN is one of the largest purveyors for the Russia collusion hoax over the years.

“Ground Zero for the insane Trump-is-Putin’s-blackmail-pawn conspiracy theory was CNN,” said Greenwald. “They were led around by CIA to spread the most unhinged conspiracy. Now they really believe they fight, rather than spread, ‘misinformation.’”

Almost exactly one year ago, CNN was called out for promoting a report that the Biden administration was left with no plan by the Trump administration to roll out COVID vaccines and they were being forced to ‘start from scratch.’

After he had been involved in an incident with Native American men, CNN reached a settlement.

After the news channel published and then retracted an article linking Trump transition team members to Russia-related investigations, three CNN journalists were forced from their jobs.

CNN was also consistently doling out misinformation regarding COVID, declaring that “racist assaults and ignorant attacks against Asians” were spreading “faster than the pandemic” and telling viewers it was less deadly than the flu.

They downplayed China’s role in spreading the virus and took their state-run media numbers at face value … Jusqu’Biden was elected President.

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CNN adds Rex Chapman

One doesn’t have to go back years to find hilarity in the idea that CNN is hiring people to cover misinformation. It is enough to see an announcement made on the same date.

CNN, also on Tuesday, announced Rex Chapman as a former NBA player and Twitter influencer. He will be joining the new streaming service that is due to launch later in 2014.

Chapman is a consistent victim of misinformation spreading online. He has never apologized or retracted, despite the fact his stories frequently go viral.

This past summer, when racial tensions were high in America, Chapman shared a video that falsely portrayed a police officer as having ‘planted’ evidence of drug-dealing activity on a suspect.

Chapman, who has been indicted for spreading misinformation, was caught several times. But, those tweets are kept public so others don’t have to know the truth.

“Do you get mad when you see liars taking advantage of people?” Koppelman asked in his announcement.

He’s practically describing Chapman to a T.