The Great Libertarian Gift Guide of 2021

How does that sound come about? Hark! Hark!

Music for my deaf ears. The Christmas of last year was one many people may not want to remember. Both of these wishes won’t come true. That’s what it means ThisChristmas should be remembered twice. You need to double your laughter, double your merriment and double the food, twice the fun, twice the joy, two times the fun, double all the cheer,

Get in touch Reason.

Gift giving is a chore. You’re not alone. Many of us had to send Christmas cheer through Amazon Prime 2020 because we were unable to travel long distances to visit the grandmas around the globe. If you are like me, it is possible that you didn’t send enough. There’s more chance that you will be seeing your grandma or mom or aunties, uncles, and cousins in the coming year. Deliver. So let us help.

For the perfect holiday exchange, you can count on your favourite staffers to share their wisdom and bring smiles to all your family members.

Few ReasonSome suggestions from ers this year include John Stossel who is the head of Stossel TV. He also contributes to this site. John Stossel recommends that you send this beautiful T-shirt, which serves as an ever-relevant reminder of capitalism’s triumph over socialism. Robby Soave, Senior Editor has just published a book: Tech Panic: Why Facebook and the Future Are Not to Be Feared Reason offers a wide variety of swag—Shirts! Phone cases! Onesie for babies! Mugs! Bibs! Hats! Dog bAndanas!—for those who want to look libertarian and chic. That’s quite a task. We sell digital and print gift subscriptions at a low $14.97 per year, just as it is every year. For an extra $5 you can buy both.

We know that your family members may be interested in moving beyond the politics and going into other areas. It’s our goal! —Billy Binion Associate Editor

The perfect choice for those who are impatient and have a strong vindictive streak.

QuartoIt is about as simple a board game as you can imagine. It will make you laugh for hours.

This is the easy part. The goal is simple: Place four of the matching pieces in a row or column before your opponent. Your complete set may be square, rectangular, hollow, tall, or black. Each piece of the 16-piece set has its own unique mix of each of these characteristics. It’s like a four-dimensional version of tic-tac toe, compressed into two dimensions. Here’s where the problem lies: You choose which piece to play first, then your opponent selects.

The game is literally that simple—and endlessly complex. This game is faster than chess, and much more entertaining than checkers. You can make it a great way to spend a winter evening by adding a few sips of whiskey. —Eric Boehm, Reporter

Techies sick of Big Tech

The gift of computation freedom will be more readily available this Christmas than ever.

While you don’t necessarily need to gift your friend a basic hardware wallet, Blockstream is open-source for anyone who wants to explore the Liquid Network functionality. Jade wallet This is an affordable, purpose-built solution to help protect the growing number of digital assets.

Umbrel is a great way to set up a Bitcoin node. Bitcoin Machine is a solid option for the busy sovereign individual with a soft spot for vintage Apple aesthetics.

It doesn’t have to be all about productivity. Coinkite’s BLOCKCLOCK MiniIt doubles up as a stunning piece of art and a bitcoin data display. Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s co-founder and CEO caused quite a stir this year when he showed his BLOCKCLOCK in front of Congressmen during a hearing. You will also love it for your beloved one.

Perhaps your techie loves atoms more than bits. You might be the one. Creality Ender-3 3D Printer It is an excellent option for anyone who wants to explore the Thingiverse. It’s open-source, too. Do not forget to add some filament.

Your techie is doing extra well this year? Laptop with frameworkThis notebook is essential for any FOSS lover in your life. Totally customizable and repairable, these non–Big Tech laptops offer both prebuilt and DIY options tailored to the level of assembly desired. These laptops are great looking and have great specs. Linux comes at a minimum of zero cost! —Andrea O’Sullivan, Contributing Editor

The cannabis consumer who needs to work with edibles:

The days when cannabis stems were made from butter are long gone. The easy-to use machine LEVO allows you to make herbal infusions with oil, butter or honey. With just a few clicks, your herbs are ready to dry, activate and infuse. You can cook for anyone, whether they are 420-friendly or not. LEVO IIIt’s a gift that will never stop giving. —Bess byers, Digital Media Specialist

This is the place for eco-friendly government skeptics:

Following a year where Texans lost their power due to a severe storm, and Californians saw their electricity shut off so the state didn’t catch on fire, we now see that the 21st century is a bit more fragile than we thought. Although home generators are a viable backup option to preserve our independence and our ability to help neighbors, policymakers’ brave efforts to manipulate the economy have caused prices to soar for the fuel that will keep them running.

The government is still trying to find a way to ruin the sun, but they have yet to do so (give them some time!). That makes solar generators—solar panels packaged with battery-pack power stations—a good bet as uninterruptible lifelines to modern technology. You can store and capture the power needed to run your lights and appliances, provided you have clear views. There are many options for solar generators, with varying price points and capabilities. Jackery is one example of a rough. GuideYou can determine how long your devices will run on a variety of power sources, such as laptops or air conditioners. Power stations that are fully charged. The. Explorer 1500A 15.7-cubic foot refrigerator keeps the house running for an entire day, with plenty of power left over. The solar panels can charge the devices for indefinitely. Jackery says that this pass-through charging ultimately reduces battery life.

Jackery is far from the only one in this market. EcoFlowGoal Zero also sells units with an expandable battery, while the unit offered by Goal Zero has a set for integration of a power source into it. home circuitry It’s possible to maintain a small number of appliances working without using a lot of extension cords. No matter what option you select, the solar generator will keep you connected to modern society so that you can update your followers on recent catastrophes and your own attitude. —J.D. Tuccille Contributing Editor

Elona (or Elona?) Musk is the baby Elona

Looking for something different? Give as a giftConsider this for your future astronaut. Onesie SpaceX. The wearer of this little jumpsuit (sizing goes from 0–3 months to 5T) can practice for when they’ll get to live out Elon Musk’s dream to “be born on Earth and die on Mars, hopefully not at the point of impact.” The branding is subtle—no need to make your baby into a billboard—but the style is top-notch. NASA couldn’t. —Katherine Mangu-Ward Editor in Chief

Virtual reality is your escape from reality

ReasonPeter Bagge was the one who originally wrote and drew this poem. Others Lives, A graphic novel that was partially set in the computer-generated “Second World,” back in 2010. Republished in 2020 in a new edition from Fantagraphics, its depiction of the alternately tawdry, boring, criminal, and obsessive ways people will make use of such virtual worlds—how they will facilitate both our desire to be someone bolder and badder than we dare to be in real life, and both private and government efforts to more efficiently track our every action and thought—is more relevant than ever as Facebook tries to shift its vast number of social network users into a virtual “metaverse.” We will undoubtedly learn from Bagge that Bagge is correct as technology allows us to digitally express ourselves as well as bedeviled in the same way as meatspace. Virtual reality, in some ways, will allow us to become even more evil than ourselves, just as the story of deluded terrorist hunters and guilt-ridden journalists shows. It also gives us the chance for some people to experience the complexities of our flesh, or our personalities, which can be quite a blessing. —Brian Doherty, Senior Editor

Your loved one is a proud shopper who sleeps four hours per night.:

Do you have sleep-deprived relatives and friends? You can tell them. GET IT TOGETHER, sugarplum! You can even say it with an gift! Bucky’s plum-bra-like eye mask!

This is the right product for someone you care about. You, your friends, family and coworkers will all benefit from this gift of good sleep.

The unique shape of this mask makes it the ideal eye mask for ensuring that your eyes are covered without any suffocation. Trust me. I have tried them all. There are the silk masks that look so appealing, as well as the lightweight but very accessible airplane masks. The weighted eye masks can be a bit more expensive than the bra, while the scent eye masks may seem lighter. This eye mask is the best. This eye mask does not let light through its bottom. It also doesn’t leave your eyes with a puffy, mask-marked appearance. But it can help reduce those under-eye bags. This is what you need to do if this happens. Take care of yourselfYou can also give your best and most healthy personality to your family members as a gift. Don’t be an insufferable sleepless wuss and get some eights. Peace, love and good Zs. Sweet dreams and happy holidays, sugarplums. —Regan Taylor, Video Editor

Food for those who have a sophisticated palate

You can’t import haggis from Scotland from the Federal Government. Amazon: Buy a few cansFor the best, try this. This is a simple recipe that can be prepared in 10 minutes. It pairs well with quality scotch and mashed potatoes. Or, you could just put it on toast and top it with some melted cheese. If you are unsure about what the ingredients are, you can book flights to Scotland and get the authentic thing. —Jason Russell, deputy managing editor

To the one who has everything ReallyIt is difficult to find:

It is so light it can be called liquid. It is the gift that will never stop giving. Even when it’s rainy outside, this tiny amount can still bring the rain. There’s no better way than cold hard cash to give warmth to your family and friends this Christmas.

Most traditional gifts—be they a pair of socks, a bottle of brandy, or a heartfelt note—require the giver to have an implausible level of insight into the recipients’ subjective tastes and preferences. It is believed that it can cost up to $12 billion per year just to guess wrong.

A new bundle of fiat money will not pose such a risk. This stack of bills is easily convertible to any good or service that the loved one in your life wants, at whatever time they choose.

The Federal Reserve Note is 2021’s essential holiday gift, despite the current economic crisis.

If you place an order online, supply chain problems will result in your items arriving late. The sentimental buying power of greenbacks that you do not shower on family and friends is being rapidly depleted by persistent inflation.

Don’t think about what you should buy your dad, but run instead to the ATM. Let him spend that money on something he’ll cherish forever—whatever that might be. —Christian Britschgi, Associate Editor

This is the science geek who studies anti-alarmism:

How about if we just managed to stop global warming? This is the idea behind Neal Stephenson, sci-fi wizard and author of Neal Stephenson’s new novel. Termination shockThis is a powerful doorknopper that tells us about the perilous future of climate change and how we can address it. Stephenson takes climate change as a real problem and presents a range of solutions. However, each solution has its own consequences. Stephenson takes delight in attempting to explain things with a variety of digressive and amusing explanations. It’s about geoengineering and falconry. But it also covers supply chains, Texas oil billionaires. Dutch royalty, wild hog hunting. Drone surveillance, Sino-Indian rivalry. Social media war. And obscure forms of stick fighting. The book is fanciful, clever, sometimes terrifying and incredibly entertaining. It reminds us of Neal Stephenson novels. —Peter Suderman, Features editor

A gun-lover who feels secure in his or her firearms masculinity:

It can be difficult to load handgun magazines. Maglula UpLULA Universal Pistol Magazine Speed LoadersThey’ll see you as less than one. Handy for shooters with low grip strength, arthritis, or a desire to actually load their exactly-correct-capacity 33-round glock mags all the way, this stocking stuffer ensures your loved one will turn money into noise more efficiently than ever. While there may be some people who believe that men are not real, they don’t necessarily need this help. They can also pay less for the range time they spend shooting instead of loading. —Ian Keyser, audio engineer

The one who wants nothing more Practical gifts:

Get started with the Leatherman Multitool. The MUTThe enables you to do anything from cutting through rough surfaces to opening beer bottles to hammering nails. However, if your handyman already has the right tools for the job, you can suggest this. Aqua FlosserBecause, who wants to floss the traditional way? There aren’t many. This purchase was not an easy one. However, after some time, it became my favorite pandemic depression purchase. I recommend that you use it in your shower. Clean bodies And Clean teeth —Noor Greene, Assistant Producer

The self-confessed loser in need of a little kick in their pants.

Gift the list of losers this Christmas the book they will always need How To Make Sh*t HappenSean Whalen. Although I don’t have this book, it’s a great piece of promotional writing.

Whalen is a striking character to behold, thanks to his white walls and intricate tattoos. Whalen was once an unfulfilled person. He had been in a relationship that ended badly and was divorced. He describes himself now as “a serial entrepreneur” who has founded many businesses, including a clothing company that sells adult red-white and blue onesies with the slogan “Lions Not Sheep.” To keep you from being a pantywaist, nimrod who is “scared” to discuss politics at Thanksgiving dinner, he wants you to be tough. Robert Bly Iron John author who died last month, could have used a couple of smacks from this guy.

Whalen claims that he has sold approximately 425,000 copies on Amazon (for $2.99 per Kindle Download). Its message may seem far removed from the spirit of the sweet baby Jesus, but who cares about all that sh*t anyway? —Kurt Loder Contributing Editor

This is for the stoner-healthy friend or lady friend who loves to bring her politics into the bedroom.):

Imagine you’re a dirty stoner and have recently started a new health program. Let’s say you quit smoking cigarettes and moved out of New York City. Looks Like something that a healthy person would drink) and you are curious how to save your favorite pastime, while also taking better care of your little lungs. Enter Moose Labs MouthPeacesYou can fit activated carbon filters over your joint to get rid of some of the harmful resins. To show that you are not willing to compromise on style, avoid the gaudy Rastafarian colors. Instead, opt for sleek monochromatic fittings.

That’s an extremely practical gift. You can also pick up a second choice for your beloved. Goomah: Red Scare podcast’s Thong “Irina”.Tony Soprano’s Russian love, a purveyor of long locks and constant crying, is the name for this merch. Red ScareThis show, sometimes called “dirtbag leftist fare”, doesn’t make sense for libertarians. However, the hosts of the program are social critics who combine Paglian worship with Laschian insight with semi-ironic appreciations for the toughened masculinity that Italian mobsters. 

Although they say otherwise, it’s difficult to see any socialism in their one-hour episodes. Instead of critiquing identity politics and media-class misfeasance hosts Anna Khachiyan & Dasha Nekrasova offer a lot, provided you are able to tolerate their Slavoj Zizek references, and the time that they spent on vacation together with Alex Jones. The podcast and hosts both defy all expectations. This Irina Thong certainly will. Please, for the love of God, though, give this risqué item to a lady you are consensually wooing, not some random person for whom you’re buying Yuletide thongs. —Liz Wolfe, Associate Editor. 

You will love this stylish gunTotEr (pun intended):

Return to me. I was feeling inspired this season, which originally led me down a rabbit hole in search of the perfect gun-shaped handbag—something I am now convinced doesn’t exist. However, for the gun-loving member of your family I suggest checking out this wide selection. Montana West concealable carry handbagsYou can ensure that you are protected and loved ones. There are many options: crossbodies, shoulder bags and more formal styles, as well as smaller sizes. You have the right to own guns, but you can make them fashionable. All, happy holidays! —Billy Binion Associate Editor