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Myths About MSPs

You might know someone who is running a small business and getting financed by an MSP (managed service provider).

Folks generally dislike the idea of entrusting their data to someone else. So, there’s quite a bit of skepticism about whether this would work for them as well. We will try to bust some common myths associated with managed service providers in this article.

1. You can’t trust an MSP with your data

That’s the most common myth about managed service providers, which is often shared by people who don’t actually know how they work. When you go to an MSP for your IT needs, you are hiring them to take care of your business’ network, security and other infrastructure issues. They will set up your company’s computers for your users with the software that you need. And they are also monitoring them to ensure no vulnerabilities are there in any of the machines or servers.

But, when you hire an MSP, all the data remains yours. They don’t take control of it when you go to them for support. All the data stays on your machines and they generally don’t even touch it. When you hire an MSP, the only thing that you’re doing is entrusting your business’ infrastructure to a third party who can manage and maintain it for you.

2. MSPs charge too much money

This one comes up a lot, which makes a lot of sense. People might think that it’s better to hire an in-house IT team for lesser money and manage their business’s systems on their own. However, there is no way they can provide the amount of service that an MSP does.

Many times businesses try to save money by not hiring an MSP and end up getting limited support from their employees which leads to more problems. They even lose money since they’ll have to spend hours for small tasks such as updating anti-virus signatures or configuring a firewall.

With an MSP, you get complete IT support , including 24×7 monitoring of your systems and software updates. So, even if your employees are busy doing other work, an MSP can make sure everything is working perfectly for you.

3. You’ll lose business secrets to hackers with an MSP

Many times people might think that hiring an MSP will not be effective because their data will end up in someone else’s hands. But this is completely untrue. If you hire an MSP for your business, your data will remain on your machines with encryption that only you have access to.

An MSP has dedicated security tools that are designed for small businesses which can monitor all of their devices thoroughly. So, even if someone tries to hack into the system, they’ll be caught immediately.

When you hire an MSP, you are actually giving your business’s data more protection than what it has now. So, don’t hesitate to go for managed services because they are the smart choice when it comes to choosing between in-house support and hiring an outside agency.

4. We need someone who can fix everything immediately

Hiring a managed service provider doesn’t necessarily mean you will get a dedicated team of people who work for you. They generally have the capacity to take care of around a 100 or so systems, which means they can only help a small number of companies at one time.

So, if you’re looking for someone who can solve every single problem that occurs on your machines, you may need to hire an in-house IT team. But if you have a small business with limited resources and can’t afford hiring too many people for this job, then an MSP is the best choice.

So, now that we’re done busting some of these major myths about managed service providers , go ahead and hire one for your business and get the most out of it. They’ll make sure everything is working fine and your IT department can focus on more important issues like growing your business.