“Weakness Or Intentional Effort To Bully” — McConnell Mocks And Rips Dems In Letter To Biden After He Votes to increase Debt Limit

Mitch McConnell has stated that he won’t provide any assistance again on the debt ceiling.

In a letter to Biden, McConnell said that “Republicans filled the leadership vacuum.”

He said people on both sides of the aisle were pleading for McConnell to fill the leadership void left by Schumer’s incompetence.

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The letter is here:



McConnell also mentioned Schumer’s speech after the bill had been passed.

Schumer attacked Republicans instead of thanking them and discredit them.

McConnell called out Schumer for his “hysterics” and said Schumer “further alienated” Republicans.

He also noted that even Democrats couldn’t stand Schumer’s speech.

Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) was visibly upset over Schumer’s speech and even ended up walking out during it.

McConnell has been attacked by Trump over his support for Democrats passing the temporary debt increase.

Trump accused McConnell of “folding to the Democrats again” and urged GOP Senators to vote against McConnell.


Then he followed up by this statement: