Getting Sanders and Manchin in a Room Together to Discuss Spending Bill Would Almost Be ‘Like Homicide’

Joe Biden reportedly joked this week that getting Sen. Joe Manchin in a room with Sen. Bernie Sanders would be almost “like homicide.”

According to CNN, the comment was made in a virtual meeting of House Democrats this week following Rep. Ro Khanna’s suggestion that they get together.


But Biden, according to multiple sources in the virtual meeting, told the progressive House Democrats that he’s been in politics a long time — and getting them together in the same room would almost be like “homicide.” The group laughed, as Biden then made a joke about getting into the boxing ring with Khanna himself.

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Sanders is not shy in his attack on Manchin about the spending bill. Speaking to CNN recently, the Vermont politicians said, “I can’t speak for Mr. Manchin. I’m not a psychologist.”

When asked about sitting down with the moderates on Friday, Sanders said “this is not a movie” according to Politico’s Caitlin Emma.