Pfizer Asks FDA to Approve Their Covid-19 Vaccine for Children Aged 5 to 11

Pfizer and BioNTech contacted the Food and Drug Administration to confirm their COVID-19 vaccine in children aged 5-11 on Thursday.

The New York Times reports that “the agency has promised to move quickly on the request and has tentatively scheduled a meeting on Oct. 26 to consider it. A ruling is expected between Halloween and Thanksgiving.”

“With new cases in children in the U.S. continuing to be at a high level, this submission is an important step in our ongoing effort against Covid-19,” Pfizer said in a statement on Thursday.

The Times report continues, “Pfizer has proposed giving children one-third of the adult dosage. It might be necessary to add more diluent per injection, or use a different vial/syringe. The company was expected to describe the method it intended to use in its submission to the Food and Drug Administration.”

This age group saw only 125 deaths from COVID-19.