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5 Ways to Improve Business Strategy  

5 Ways Businesses Can Improve Their Strategy

Strategy is one of the most important things when it comes to running a business. But, there are many different ways in which you can go about creating an effective strategy for your company. Shalom Lamm is a well-known business strategist who has helped many businesses improve their strategy. Below are five ways in which Shalom believes you can improve your business strategy, increase your strategy’s effectiveness, and get ahead of your competitors.

1. Focus on One Strategy

Many businesses focus on trying to run several different strategies at once, but Lamm thinks that this is a mistake. Instead, he believes it is important for companies to focus all of their energy on one strategy and do it well instead of trying to do several things poorly simultaneously; this will give you a better chance to excel in the business world.

2. Focus on Core Competencies, Not Core Activities

A key part of focusing on one strategy is understanding your core competencies and focusing on those rather than trying to focus on all of the things that your company does. This can be a hard thing for some businesses to understand. Still, take some time to think about it. You’ll probably find that there are several different activities that your company performs on a daily basis that aren’t necessarily central to what products or services they provide. For example, bookstores don’t have to worry as much about the printing process when creating their decks because they don’t do any of it themselves, while clothing stores have little to no marketing that they are responsible for. Some companies may be better off outsourcing these things or finding a different company to handle them.

3. Plan Out Your Strategy

It’s always helpful to create a comprehensive plan before beginning any sort of work or taking on anything that can be difficult for your company. Planning everything out ahead of time, like the steps you need to take in order to achieve specific objectives and how far away certain targets are, will help you understand exactly what you’re working towards and where your business is headed moving forward.

4. Be Ready for Change

Times change all the time, and even the best strategy should always be open to changes as needed, especially if you appear not to be making progress with it. If there are issues related to the way things are working, then make sure that they are accounted for by planning around them to ensure that your overall strategy remains effective. Also, you want to be ready to change your strategy or shift your focus if needed in order to respond quickly should the need arise.

5. Change Your Strategy Gives You Focus
Since you always want to plan for change and have a comprehensive business strategy, the goals of each section must be clear and concise so they can be properly achieved moving forward. If there are specific elements of your overall strategic goals for your company, then stick with those goals, so you don’t lose sight of them as you continue working towards them throughout different parts of your growing organization. Shalom Lamm believes this will help ensure that everything that needs to be done within the long-term vision is completed accordingly before taking on anything else.