How To Catch an Instagram Cheater

With over a billion active users worldwide, Instagram has become a hub for attractive people, both famous and obscure, seeking the glamorous lifestyle of Instagram influencers. Unfortunately, while the platform has become an excellent resource for staying connected, the allure these influencers portray within their heavily filtered posts has caused many devoted men and women to stray from their loving relationships. But the question remains, how do we know if our significant others are Instagram cheaters, and how can we prove it?

When To Start Suspecting an Instagram Cheater

Before we start accusing our partners of Instagram cheating, it is first essential that we give an honest evaluation of whether or not our concerns are warranted. Having a partner on social media can be stressful, but the last thing we want to do is cause a hindrance to our loving relationships based on unfounded paranoia. But at what point is it alright to start suspecting that maybe they aren’t spending all of that time on their phones looking at funny cat memes? These are some of the tell-tale signs that our significant others may, in fact, be up to something a little more sinister:

  • They begin to pay significantly more attention to their phones and become secretive.
  • They start liking and commenting on other people’s posts(especially old photos or videos).
  • Their relationship with their phones begins to affect our own relationships.

It’s One Thing To Suspect a Cheater, But How Do We Catch Them?

With our suspicions confirmed by their recent behavior, the following steps will require a little more snooping. However, since their behavior includes an increased amount of secrecy, we may have to incorporate a slight invasion of privacy in acquiring the truth of what our paramours are doing on their phones;

1. Get Ahold of Their Phone

The first and most straightforward way we can catch our partners cheating on Instagram is by acquiring access to their phones. From there, not only do we have their Instagram history but also their texts and phone calls. Thus, all the evidence we need to accuse a cheater. However, now that our partners have something to hide, getting ahold of their phones may not be so easy.

2. Acquire Their Instagram Login Information

The next best thing to getting ahold of their phones would be to access their Instagram login, which may be a reasonably simple task. Since we already have our partners’ usernames from their profiles, it is now only a matter of their passwords. Considering that many people use the same password across several platforms, we may already have it without knowing. Although, if we don’t know our partner’s go-to password, don’t worry. There are ways we can acquire it. Doing a password reset if we have access to their email or even simply watching over their shoulder when they sign in would suffice.

3. Use an Instagram Spy App

If you cannot acquire access to their account, the surest way to catch an Instagram cheater is by using one of the several Instagram spy apps available in the app store.

Suspecting your significant other of Instagram cheating can cause strain on both your relationship and personal well-being. However, it is essential to be optimistic. The act of following attractive people is not in itself cheating. But if we find that the motives behind it constitute cheating, it is crucial to decide whether we want to end the relationship or work it out before accusing the cheater.