What Are Your Options for Hernia Repair?

A hernia can be incredibly painful and debilitating, and it is best to get something like this dealt with as soon as possible. The best way of being able to deal with a hernia issue is to undergo surgery to get the problem sorted, and there are three principal types of surgery you should be looking to consider here. 

When you are trying to make the right decisions with this, it is important that you come up with ideas that are going to help you focus on the best course of action to treat your hernia. Understanding the different options is important for allowing you to make the right choice and get the best possible outcome from the surgery. These are the best options for hernia repairs that you can use this year.

Open Hernia Repair

Open hernia repair is where a cut is made in the groin, and the surgeon then identifies the hernia, pushes it back into the abdomen, and then strengthens it with stitches. Patients with large or multiple hernias will find theis the most useful and effective procedure. 

This is also the most efficient and appealing form because usually patients can expect to go home within a few hours, and  will typically feel fine again within a few days. However, it should be noted that vigorous exercise and heavy lifting should be restricted for at least six weeks following the surgery, in case of symptoms returning. 

Robotic Hernia Repair

A robotic hernia uses a laparoscopy and is similar to laparoscopic hernia repair, with the main difference being that the surgeon is seated at a console, whilst a robotic arm is used to carry out the work. There are plenty of benefits to this, including the fact that they can deal with more detailed and smaller procedures, and this is also great for stitching and sewing up the abdomen after the procedures. 

Laparoscopic Hernia Repair

A laparoscopic hernia repair involves a small telescopic device that is inserted through the abdomen via a small and painless incision. This device is connected to a tiny camera that can be used to view the inside of the abdomen, and make the necessary changes. 

The results of this procedure are three tiny scars rather than one large one, as well as less pain after the surgery process, and a faster recovery time as well. This is often a preferable procedure for those looking for a less intensive form of hernia repair, and there are lots of benefits to this moving forward right now. 

These are the three main ways in which you can go about getting hernia surgery that will help you to get the right treatment, and to be able to recover effectively in the process as well. Hernia mesh repairs can sometimes go wrong, meaning you need to contact hernia repair attorneys just in case! 

You have to make sure you make the right decisions here that are going to help you. Assessing and selecting from these three options is the best way of being able to deal with your hernia in the most positive and effective way you can.