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How To Get More ROI Out Of Your Email Marketing

Marketers constantly test and experiment with new strategies to check for their effectiveness at generating favorable results. These activities bring in new buyers and help explore new markets, directly impacting the company’s revenue and ROI.

However, it is essential to understand that not all marketing activities are flashy or loud; sometimes, they can be as subtle as sending out emails to the right people.

Email marketing remains one of the top digital strategies for communicating with customers. With the rise in mobile technology and marketing platforms that include alternatives to Mailchimp, customers can now actively engage with brands through email, both from their desktop and mobile phones.

This is why marketers must invest valuable time and effort when devising an email marketing campaign and regularly checking how well it can engage customers.

Read on to find out how you can improve your business’s ROI using a few simple marketing strategies:

Improve Your Signup Forms

You may have a signup form on your website, but does the form ask questions from customers that will be useful for increasing engagement? If not, it is time to upgrade the signup form content to something that reflects your brand strategy while making an effort to connect with the prospect.

For example, Topshop asks birth dates of its prospects on signup forms. They use this data to, later on, send horoscopes, birthday discounts, and age-appropriate fun content to their email lists.

Your signup form is the first thing that will tell customers what else they can expect from the brand once they become a customer. Use it wisely.

Use Conversational Language

Readability is a huge factor in defining a customer’s engagement with the brand. Depending on the type of email marketing campaign you’re deploying, some emails will have more textual content while others may have more images. For textual content, make sure that you use an easy, conversational tone to engage the readers till they’ve read through the email.

Using formal language for a creative brand makes the brand look robotic and stiff, not what your customers may want. They would like to have an easy communication pathway and prefer a personalized, human touch. Similarly, if your emails are filled with images, make sure to use high-quality pictures that are optimized for both mobile and desktop versions. Often, brands use images in their emails that do not load correctly on mobiles, decreasing a customer’s satisfaction.

Once recipients have a hard time navigating through your email, chances are they are not going to open an email from you again.

Create a Sense of Urgency

Dynamic content like a countdown timer, dash, and dash adds an extra layer of personalization and creates a sense of urgency among your subscribers. From a psychological factor, if customers are told about it as a limited-time offer, they would want to be the first to avail them out of the “fear of missing out” (FOMO).

Customers also like to be thought of as unique, so vouchers that are “especially for our loyal customers!” can make them feel valued and is an excellent way to motivate them to make a purchase.

Offer Value-Added Content

As marketers, it is your goal to engage customers throughout their buying journey till the point of purchase. But often, the pressure of achieving a fixed ROI can blur the lines between interaction and quality content. As a result, marketers may strive to engage with customers at different touchpoints. However, the engagement won’t matter much if every new piece of content does not provide valuable information.

Instead of marketing your brand, aim to provide value-added content. Valuable information will make sales follow naturally.

So, for example, if you have a clothing brand, send educational content on new fashion trends for 2021 and couple them with products from your store. Similarly, content on nutrition and fitness will be popular among customers for a brand selling athletic wear.

Optimize For Mobile

Consumers are now using their mobile phones for almost everything. Whether in the office, at their home, or on the go, they always carry their mobile phones with them. This also means that consumers probably view a lot of content on their phones, rapidly changing how brands are marketing to their customers.

Since 61% of all emails are opened on mobile devices, optimizing emails for a mobile screen has become imperative. For example, suppose a customer opens an email on the mobile, and it fails to load correctly or display all images. In that case, it contributes to an unsatisfying experience leading subscribers to unsubscribe or delete the email.

Wrapping Up

Email marketing teams are constantly under pressure to increase conversions, improve engagements and boost ROI. However, focusing on the creative and technical aspects of marketing automation, including testing, experimenting with new strategies, and optimizing the customer experience, can positively impact the overall revenue. 

Hopefully, this article will be beneficial in providing some of the essential tips that you can use to maximize the effectiveness of your email campaign.