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Vacation Ideas for Active and Frugal Families

Affordable, loads of fun, adventurous, and kid-friendly are just a few words that describe what a great, family vacation should be like. However, not all places you journey to can deliver a memorable experience, and many times, you’ve drained your wallet for a disappointing time. Our travel experts have looked around and put together a list of wonderful vacation ideas for active and frugal families.

Stay On A Working Farm

Is farm living something your family has always wondered about?

Now, is the time to find out, and leave the city and suburbia behind for a while.

Yes, you can actually work on a farm and perform fun chores in exchange for room and board. There are farms such as these across the country, and your kids will have a blast feeding chickens, collecting eggs, milking cows, taking care of animals and horseback riding, romping through a corn maze in late summer, and waking up to a farm-fresh breakfast.

This is a beautiful way to connect with nature and to appreciate a farmer’s life, and the whole family will find this to be a unique way to vacation.

Sleep Under The Stars

Camping is a classic vacation idea that never disappoints, especially when you visit the famous Beehive State. Imagine staying with the family in cool, safari-style wall tents that give you some of the most amazing backdrops in the world at Utah state park campsites.

The quiet beauty of Utah is unrivaled with interesting terrain of all types, and your family will enjoy exploring the environment, hiking trails, watching wildlife, and photographing these incredible sights.

The healthy air and being surrounded by nature never disappoints and offers something to people of all ages.

Travel Via Geocaching

Here’s another fab idea for a family vacation that won’t break the bank.

Try geocaching, one of the hottest trends. Geocaching is a scavenger hunt that can help you find new places around the globe or just around the corner in your community. Your kids will enjoy this outdoor recreational activity that uses a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver or mobile device and other navigational techniques to hide and seek containers (geocaches).

The geocaches can be hidden just about anywhere such as in a city park, near a monument, along a hiking trail, in a hotel lobby, etc.

Geocaching is excellent for exploring a new place and learning about geography.

Ride High On A Zipline

Many folks describe it as a pure adrenaline rush, and if your family is looking for the thrill of a ride and to soar to new heights, then a zipline vacation can’t be beaten.

You can go for the day, weekend or week depending on your budget, but whatever time you spend riding a zipline won’t be forgotten. There are plenty of zipline attractions around the country, especially in scenic New England.

For instance, at the Attitash Mountain Resort in Bartlett, NH, it’s a blast as you reach heights of 250 feet off the ground while making your way down the 4,969 feet length distance. Talk about the thrill of a ride!

Plan A Staycation

You don’t always have to book a flight or drive for hours to visit the perfect vacation spot. Sometimes, an incredible place to visit isn’t far from your home. You can save a lot of money by avoiding the extravagant trip and choosing to explore the opening of a new museum, for instance.

There are a variety of inexpensive attractions and tours in your own neck of the woods, and even if you take the car to get there, it’s not far away. You can ask your hotel whether they offer a discount for local residents.

Staying in a local hotel where you live and being closer to home can deliver that vacation experience for the family. You can find some great staycation deals online through sites like Travelzoo and Groupon.

Every family deserves a vacation, but not all of us can afford some time at Disney. If you use your imagination and keep your budget in mind, you and yours can have a ball exploring new cities and towns in unique and exciting ways.