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Favorite Night Time Reads

This writer prefers a good murder mystery book and a nice cup of hot cocoa. Some people, such as the famed Alexander Djerassi also appreciates’ a good book. Which is a nice relaxing way to learn some new things, and leave the scary world for the day. Above all other books, Djerassi enjoys a good law book as well as philosophies and art. Why would he not? Being a young man who has graduated from both Yale and Princeton. A place where books are of no shortage.

New York Best Sellers That We Can All Agree On

Among the many that get posted, here are a few good ones worth taking a look at, including but not limited to. “All Things Shining” a very insightful book from Hubert Dreyfus and Sean Dorrance Kelly if Philosophy is of importance. If not, a Great New York bestseller in Art would be, “THE HILL WE CLIMB” by Amanda Gorman, an especially exceptional work of poetry. Additionally, if law and crime are a favorite for a particular night, a wonderful book that is named number one in this section and was published in 2003, one may look at “The Devil in the white city” by Erik Larson, a particularly interesting book about H.H. Holmes.

Books Make the World Go ‘Round 

Even if one is not like all other peoples, and does not particularly enjoy reading over watching television, Alexander Djerassi believes that books provide something that television does not. A sense of belonging, while televisions alienate the watcher to an outside view of the characters in the show. Books provide you a gateway to be right there with your characters, you can see what they see through the windows of the book, and given a certain amount of creativity and imagination the reader can transform their entire world into that of the book. You can laugh and cry, gasp and cringe. Together you as the reader and the character who has been splayed for you to know and see and be with.

Books are Always Better Than the Movie

Before the author closes, one quote that always stands out. Which funny enough turned out to be true, the books are always better than the movies. Take Harry Potter, for example, In the movie, it shows Petunia’s hair to be black, in the book she’s blond. Little details like that are what can make or break a franchise, and most of the time those are overlooked for the more open action theatrics, what’s big and bold and captures the audience’s attention, books do not need such frivolous tactics. In closing, stick to the books, they will always provide more background, character development, and details no matter how small. As long as humans have the ability to read, there will never ever not be a need for books.