7 Unique Ways to Use Direct Mail to Grow a Small Business

7 Unique Ways to Use Direct Mail to Grow a Small Business

Growing your small business can be done online, but you can find a lot of growth locally within your city or town. One of the best ways to reach people locally is with direct mail. While digital inboxes become cluttered with promotional emails, a mailbox can offer an ideal way to grow your small business and have a direct impact on customers.

Learn some of the more unique ways to use direct mail and increase your branding to the surrounding area.

1. QR Codes

A direct mail postcard can only feature so much information, but instead of bogging the postcard down with text, you can simply provide a QR code for people to scan. The QR code could direct people right to your website or another online promotion like a video.

If you own a small business like a restaurant, then a QR code could direct customers to an online ordering system or a table reservation platform.

2. Birthday and Holiday Celebrations

Make current customers feel special when you send them direct mail birthday and holiday cards. As you build up your customer database, you can start sending out cards to celebrate different occasions like birthdays. For all the customers in your system, you can send out direct mail cards for holidays like Christmas or the Fourth of July.

Along with standard greetings, these cards could feature exclusive discounts or deals. For example, a birthday card from a restaurant could include a coupon for a free dessert.

3. Movie Poster Parodies

Draw the attention of potential customers with a bright and vibrant direct mail postcard that features a movie parody poster. The poster could draw attention to one side while the reverse side features details and promotions for your small business. Try to think of movies that are really popular and would somehow tie into your business theme.

4. Scratch Off Giveaways & Discounts

Send out a promotional mailer that features a scratch-off element. The extra element will help ensure that people spend more time with the mail and take the time to scratch off the element.

The scratch-off feature could include a discount for services or a giveaway option like a free gift card. These giveaways will encourage customers to come and visit your small business.

5. Nostalgic Designs

The idea of traditional mail already has nostalgia built into it and you can play up that element with a nostalgic design. Choose a time period that fits with the theme of your business and then select fonts, colors, and images that go with the same theme. The mailer will stand out to recipients and create a memorable way to showcase your business branding.

6. Business Card Magnets

Mail out an element that potential customers can keep for long periods. While most mailers will eventually get recycled, you could attach a business card magnet to yours in the hopes that a customer attaches it to their fridge or other location.

7. Save the Date Direct Mailers

If you have a special event or sale coming up, then send out a “save the date” mailer that will showcase your business and give you something for customers to look forward to. The mailer should include key highlights of the event along with the exact date and time.

Mix and match these different ideas to find the best options that will fit your business and speak to your ideal customer base.