5 Great Reasons to Book an Alaskan Fishing Trip in the Spring

5 Great Reasons to Book an Alaskan Fishing Trip in the Spring

Whether you’re visiting Alaska as part of a cruise or as an independent traveler, you’re sure to have an amazing time. One of the most popular activities is charter fishing, which involves experienced fishermen taking visitors out on a boat to some of the best fishing spots the state has to offer. Although it’s more common in the summer, you may also want to consider an Alaskan charter trip in the spring. Let’s take a look at five reasons why you should book the trip now.

1- Less Crowded

The first cruise ships begin to visit Alaska in early April, with the peak season coming a few months later. Also, there’s often only one cruise ship in port at a time in spring, compared to as many as five in the summer. As charter fishing boats can only handle a certain number of people at a time, you’ll be far more likely to get a space if you visit in spring.

2- More Opportunities

On a related note, as there are fewer visitors in early May, charters and lodges will have more openings and likely not be sold out. This means that you can fit the fishing trip into your schedule instead of planning around the charter’s availability, giving you more freedom and flexibility.

3- Different Types of Fish Available

Salmon fishing season usually runs from May to September in Alaska. However, if you’re interested in catching fish other than salmon, you may want to consider taking a trip in April. Dolly Varden, rainbow trout, and especially halibut (among many others) can all be caught before the salmon begin their spawning runs just before summer starts. That said, if you’re near Homer, you can catch King Salmon year-round.

4- Favorable Weather

One of the keys to a successful fishing expedition is the weather. Ideally, you’ll want a cloudy day with no rain and moderate temperatures. This makes spring an excellent choice, as Homer (for example) receives twice as much rain in August than it does in May. Too much rain can make the water less stable and difficult to see through, which can affect fishing. Of course, with most of Southeast Alaska being part of the Tongass National Rainforest, it can be difficult to avoid rain at any time of the year.

5- Amazing Scenery

Although Alaska is known for its amazing scenery during the summer months, the spring is an underrated experience that provides different views. As you’ll have time to enjoy the sights on your way to and from the fishing spots, visiting a little earlier will give you a different look at The Last Frontier.

These are just a few of the reasons to consider taking an Alaskan fishing trip in the spring. You may have success on your own but if you’ve never fished before or you’d like to head out to less-popular fishing spots, taking a charter with an experienced captain will nearly guarantee that you get a chance to catch the fish of your dreams. Additionally, the spring season in Alaska offers unique opportunities for anglers. As the ice and snow melt, the rivers and lakes come alive with a flurry of activity as fish begin their spawning runs.