5 Innovative Ways to Personalize a Holiday Gift for a Friend

5 Innovative Ways to Personalize a Holiday Gift for a Friend

With the holidays quickly approaching, so many people are looking for ways to find that perfect holiday gift for a close friend. Most are searching for something personal that really sends a message as to how much they care. Here are 5 innovative ways to personalize a holiday gift for a friend.

1- Use Water Transfer Printing

This unique process is a great way to personalize just about any gift. By using water transfer printing, You can decorate just about any item by applying a base coat to anything – a Christmas Tree ornament, a picture frame, or home decor like a vase – and then use water transfer film to apply the design. The result is one of a kind and thoughtful for any special person.

2- Use Engraving

What better way to personalize a gift than to include a permanent special message? Many gifts can be engraved. Try jewelry, cutting boards, or even glassware. The gift recipient will love it!

3- Make a Custom T-Shirt

Any gift recipient will absolutely love a custom t-shirt. You can consider a special message that will remind your friend or loved one of something special. It can be a t-shirt to sleep in, or even wear for a special occasion. Either way, the gift recipient will absolutely love what you do for them, and it is sure to be a gift that will be treasured for a long time to come.

4- Embroider a Gift

Embroidery is an excellent way to personalize a gift. You can embroider some special towels, a blanket, a pillow, or even a hat. The possibilities are practically endless. Embroidery isn’t limited to someone’s name or initials, either. Consider a meaningful message or phrase to make it a gift that the recipient will never forget.

5- Paint a Gift

When it comes to painting a gift for someone, the sky is the limit. You can create a coffee mug with a personalized touch, or something a bit more elaborate, such as some plates or a beautiful vase for flowers. You might want to consider something for the kitchen for the gift recipient who loves to cook – perhaps a spoon rest that you decorated yourself. For someone who works in an office, maybe you can create a personalized pen holder or even a paperweight for them to display on their desk. 

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Are you looking for a gift for someone who loves plants? Personalize some lovely flower pots for a holiday gift that your friend or family member will love. Other ideas include picture frames or candlesticks. You can even create some unique pottery to give. Make some clay wall art that you can then decorate with paint, a clay ornament, or even a keychain. A birdhouse or bird feeder is another unique idea for the nature lover in your life, and it is something that they can enjoy and remember for years. Another wonderful idea? Consider painting a cookie jar for someone who has a sweet tooth. Fill it with their favorite cookies, tie it up with a bow, and give them a personalized gift that they are sure to love.