7 Ways to Make Your Backyard a Safer Space for Kids to Play

7 Ways to Make Your Backyard a Safer Space for Kids to Play

The backyard is our very own oasis. It’s a great place to entertain and spend our evenings. It’s also a wonderful place for children to play. However, for kids to enjoy your backyard space, it’s important to take steps for their safety. That way, you can feel comfortable letting them spend their time in the sunshine. Here are 7 ways to make your backyard a safer space for kids to play.

1. Put Up a Fence

If you don’t already have one, a fence should be at the top of your safety improvements list for several reasons. It deters strangers and animals from coming into your yard, but perhaps even more importantly, it keeps kids from wandering out of the yard. What if an errant ball rolls out of the yard and onto a road? It would be easy for a child to run after it and be in danger. A fence can deter that.

2. Get Rid of Poisonous Plants

Children are naturally curious and they have big imaginations. Plant leaves can become decorations for hair, pretend food to eat, pretend money, and more. Toddlers are prone to putting stuff in their mouths. Make sure none of the plants in your backyard are poisonous or toxic.

3. Use Caution When Grilling

An overturned grill and hot coals are a recipe for disaster and injury, so whether you have a grill or a fire pit, always supervise children and always use caution. Do not leave kids unattended with a grill or any other type of fire. And, keep lighter fluid, coals, propane, and lighters safely stored away from a child’s reach.

4. Set Ground Rules

When kids play outside, they should know the rules. So, take some time to set ground rules and go over them with your children. You may even want to post the rules somewhere they can be easily read. These rules can be anything that you consider important to your children’s safety, such as not running near the pool, not going out of the backyard, staying behind a marked line near the grill, and so on.

5. Check Playground Equipment

Check playground equipment when you first install it to make sure everything is done properly. Additionally, regularly check it for signs of wear, rust, or broken parts so that you can repair it before it becomes dangerous.

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6. Don’t Cut the Grass During Playtime

It’s easy to forget, but lawnmowers can throw rocks and other debris rather forcefully through the air. Additionally, a lawnmower on the move could pose a threat to a running child. For obvious safety reasons, it’s best to not cut grass when the kids are playing.

7. Spray for Bugs

Many bugs carry diseases, like mosquitoes and ticks. Other bugs can cause painful stings and dangerous bites. For your kids’ safety, having the yard sprayed for bugs is a must. That way, you don’t have to worry about West Nile Virus or Lyme Disease.

There are plenty of simple steps you can take to make sure your backyard is a safe space for your kids to play. These seven tips are a great start.