3 Timeless Occasions When Cigars are the Perfect Gift to Give

3 Timeless Occasions When Cigars are the Perfect Gift to Give

A cigar is a luxury that many people can’t put into their budget. However, there is one occasion where it’s worth every penny – or so much as you’d like to pay for this special treat.

Cigars are an excellent, relaxed, sophisticated, and classic gift that goes well with the right occasion. No matter occasion you are celebrating with family, friends, colleagues, or acquaintances, cigars are a great idea and way to celebrate a happy time.

1. The Birth of a New Baby

Giving cigars to new parents or grandparents when a new baby is born is a timeless tradition. Many people choose to opt for special personalization with “It’s a Boy!” or “It’s a Girl!” on the cigars or on ribbons tied to the cigars. Many people will give them to the new father as a time to celebrate the new baby and the family gaining a new member. The new parents will appreciate the gesture of you choosing to celebrate them and their new bundle of joy. Since hospitals do not allow smoking inside, it’s important to not bring the cigars to the hospital and instead give them to the new parents or grandparents at another time.

2. The Celebration of a Wedding

Cigars are a great way to celebrate a wedding. You can choose to give cigars to the happy couple or to the parents of either member of the couple. Many groomsmen choose to have cigars at the bachelor party and on the day of the wedding. Many couples even have cigars available for guests at the wedding reception. No matter what type of cigar you choose or what part of the wedding you choose to celebrate with a cigar, having cigars at the wedding will help elevate the event and help everyone enjoy the big day. If you are having cigars at the wedding reception, you need to check with your venue to make sure that smoking is allowed on the premises.

3. The Close of a Business Deal

At the close of a business deal, there’s no better way to celebrate than with a cigar. It can be with your colleagues who helped you close the business deal or with your business clients. You ask your business clients or colleagues if they have a type of cigar they prefer, or you can surprise them with your favorite type of cigar or try a new one. Many business deals take a long time to close with many hours of hard work leading up to the close of the deal so it’s important to take time to celebrate the end of the process.

Whether it’s the birth of a new baby, the celebration of a wedding, or the close of a business deal, celebrating with cigars is a time-honored tradition that many people enjoy. If you don’t know which cigar to choose, choose one that speaks to you and the recipient will appreciate the thought of you celebrating a special moment with them. Enjoy these happy occasions by celebrating with cigars!