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Asking for Professional Feedback

Asking for Professional Feedback

How employees can ask their managers for professional feedback


In today’s workplace, employee feedback is critical to helping employees grow in their careers.

It can be difficult for employees to ask for feedback from their managers without seeming annoying or self-centered.

 According to entrepreneur Raphael Avraham Sternberg, the best way to approach this is by setting up a time with them when they can talk about their performance as an employee and what they need to do better.

They should set a time to speak with their boss and ensure they have enough time.

When they’re ready to ask their boss for feedback, they must do so professionally.

They should set up a time with them when both of them know there will be no interruptions or distractions. If this isn’t possible, they should ensure that the meeting is scheduled for at least 30 minutes (or longer if needed).

If necessary, ask if they have more time available than what has been allocated to cover all discussion areas.

They should be bold and ask for one on one meetings.

When it comes to professional feedback, many employees are afraid to ask their managers for one-on-one meetings.

They’re worried that if they do, it could be perceived as a sign of weakness or lack of confidence in their work. However, this is far from the case–in fact, asking for feedback indicates that an employee has high standards and wants to improve themselves as much as possible.

They should Be honest about what they want out of the meeting.

When asking for feedback, it’s essential to be honest about what they want from the meeting.

If their goal is to get an explanation for why their boss is mad at them and not fix anything, then maybe they won’t give it to them (or at least not without some convincing).

But if their goal is to improve as an employee and advance in the company, it will be much easier.

Prepare themselves with questions and things to talk about in advance.

They will want to be ready with questions and topics for discussion. If they know what their manager wants to talk about, it will be easier for them to give them the feedback they might have otherwise been able to offer.

If possible, prepare some basic questions and use them as a starting point for conversation: “What do we need to work on?” “How can we improve?” “Where are we doing well?” These are all great questions that will help both parties get on the same page from the outset.

ConclusionAsking for feedback is a great way to grow as an employee. It allows them to get more information about how they are doing, what areas need improvement, and what they can do next. Taking the initiative and asking their manager for professional feedback will help them improve in their work and the relationship with their employers. Employees should embrace these great tips by Raphael Avraham Sternberg.