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An Example of Courage and Readiness to Help by One of the Best Lawyers in Canada, Mayya Bykov

Mayya Bykov is a well-known and highly-skilled lawyer with an excellent reputation among clients and colleagues. Starting from 2014 to 2015, Mayya worked as Legal Counsel to the Ministry of the Attorney General, the Legal Services Branch of the Ministry of Finance, in Toronto, Canada where she dealt with high profile cases for the government. During that time, Mayya was the recipient of the most prestigious Excelsior Award in the category of Innovation.

In 2016, Mayya founded her own private law firm, which she named “Bykov Law Professional Corporation” with the main office in Toronto, Canada. Bykov Law is a highly respected law firm in Canada that represents and serves businesses, high net worth individuals working across various industries, high-profile financial institutions, and major banks in Canada.

What are the Key Responsibilities of Mayya at Bykov Law?

Mayya takes the leading role at Bykov Law, because she provides professional legal advice in many different areas, such as corporate and commercial law, real estate, and wills and estates.

Some of her responsibilities include reviewing, drafting, and negotiating business contracts and commercial agreements. Many business owners use Mayya’s services on a regular basis, as her expertise is the best way for them to prevent, solve, and navigate all kinds of complex legal issues and cases. She is one of the most experienced lawyers in terms of assisting and advising private businesses, entrepreneurs, and startups. She helped many clients to establish the structure, policies, and objectives of new businesses with respect to local law and legal procedures.

Mayya’s Desire to Help Ukrainians During the War

Today we discuss with Mayya one important and critical area where her services are of extreme importance. More specifically, we discuss the ongoing war in Ukraine, which worries Mayya a lot, and how she and her firm are helping Ukrainians who have fled the war and their torn homes to seek shelter and safety in a foreign country. Mayya is motivated to help thousands of Ukrainians and Russians who have to escape the war zone and the enduring conflict.

One of the biggest advantages that Mayya brings is her ability to speak the Russian language fluently. Thanks to this, she can provide various legal, business, and financial consultations and advice to people who look for help, support, and respect. The ongoing conflict does not appear to be ending anytime soon, so a lot of Ukrainians and Russians, who flee the conflict and resettle in new countries, will need professional legal assistance. Mayya Bykov does everything possible to help people adjust and get used to their new environment.

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Mayya was one of the first practitioners who recognized the urgent need for Ukrainian/Russian-speaking experts who know how to work with immigrants. The biggest challenge is to help them build their lives from a starting point. Mayya and her colleagues help Ukrainians start new businesses and open entrepreneurial ventures in a foreign country. The help to resettle in the new country is priceless. Mayya Bykov uses her ability to speak the language and experience in legal and business fields to help people who are in need of navigating the new business environment, while at the same time facing various challenges, lacking confidence and having many doubts or fears. Starting a new business can be overwhelming for anyone, but it is particularly hard for a new immigrant who does not speak the language and who does not yet know the laws of the country or where to look for advice and information. Mayya Bykov is in a prime position to help these new additions through her efforts in sharing her knowledge, skills, and energy to inspire people and bring back light, happiness and hope to their lives.

How Does Mayya Bykov Help Ukrainian and Russian Immigrants?

Mayya Bykov finds the motivation and personal inspiration to continue assisting Ukrainian and Russian immigrants who have to flee the ongoing conflict and war. From Mayya’s experience, the majority of Ukrainian refugees are women with small children. Their husbands and civil partners had no legal right to leave Ukraine and so they were forced to stay behind. Mayya cannot forget one of her first cases when she helped a nice lady from a tiny Ukrainian town. The woman was in a rough situation, because she fled the war with two small children and she was completely lost. The woman enjoyed creating handmade things, but she did not know how to start doing it in a foreign country. She started attending local exhibitions where she was selling clothes for kids. Later, she learned how to do the same online, and now she is the owner of an online retail business. This is one of the brightest examples of a brave Ukrainian woman who is able to empower other women to try their luck and become entrepreneurs.

Final Words of Inspiration

Mayya would like to inspire other individuals to continue to support immigrants and motivate and help them start businesses. The woman with two kids achieved success in one of the most difficult situations and times, so others can do as well. People have to unite in times of humanitarian crisis. If you can speak the Russian or Ukrainian language, have professional experience in legal, financial, and business sectors, you should act and assist right now. Mayya believes that the refugee crisis is not just a problem for governments and non-profits to solve, and that businesses and professionals have a responsibility to be part of the solution, bringing innovation, their resources, and their voice to support displaced people around the world. More and more companies are realizing that it is our collective duty to stand up for the common humanity – and we must continue to show our compassion and support for all refugees as they restart their new lives.