Podcast: Drugs, Debt, and Masculinity

The following week’s The Reason RoundtableThe editors, Katherine Manguward, Matt Welch & Peter Suderman and Nick Gillespie discuss the sudden announcement by President Joe Biden regarding Federal Marijuana Convictions.

1:41: Biden announces his weed policy

16:56: Watch the strange economy

33:22 Weekly Listener Question

How does the “renewal of car warranty” junk mail and life insurance upsells work? Many times, they use phrases such as “FINAL NOTICE”. A mail addressed to trick the recipient into signing up for a new service. It may include personal information, such as full legal names and vehicle details, to suggest an existing business relationship. The U.S. usually delivers these senders’ mail. Postal Service. Free market/free speech/consumer Do you want to be deceived by state-enabled spearphishing?

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44:20: Are we in a crisis of masculinity?

57.50: Here are this week’s cultural recommendations

This podcast mentions:

Kamala, it’s better late than never on weed! Elizabeth Nolan Brown

Jacob Sullum: “Biden’s Marijuana Reforms Have Long Overdue, but Will have Just a Modest Effect,”

Billy Binion, “Biden is Still Looking for Potential Life Sentences to Distribute Weed,”

Elizabeth Nolan Brown, “What Biden’s Weed Plan Really means,”

C.J. Ciaramella

“Kamala Harris Hopes You’ll Forget Her Record as a Drug Warrior & Draconian Prosecutor,” by Katherine Mangu-Ward and Justin Monticello

Nick Gillespie: “Kamala Harris got so high smoking marijuana in college she thought she was listening to Snoop Dogg or Tupac.”

Nick Gillespie: “All drug offenders should be treated like Hunter Biden, leniently.”

Matt Welch, “Americans are losing their work ethic”

“Star-Studded AmsterdamPeter Suderman, A Terrible and Tedious Warning on the Rise of Fascism”

“The Political Class has Consistently Ignored Warnings about Fiscal Doom. Americans now pay the price.  Peter Suderman

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