Tips for Reducing Stress While Planning to Move

Just the thought of moving is a hair-raising experience. Getting everything together and making sure all is done in time. So much to do and where to even start? Searching for a Los Angeles Moving company and making sure they are legit. So much stress involved!

Moving Tips

Moving is not something you do everyday, therefore this is very unfamiliar territory. When having to figure it all out and what goes where and how, it can be extremely stressful and feel like unnecessary worries on your shoulders. With balance and understanding this process can become much easier and stress free. There are laws in place that govern the moving companies and these laws are here to help you. 

Here are a few tips to lower your stress levels for your move:

  • A verbal quote is not going to help you. A moving company must inspect the house in person and then write you a quote on the contents you want to move.
  • The Bureau of Household Goods and Services (BHGS) regulates any moving companies around CA and you can contact them to confirm the legitimacy.
  • Make an inventory of your household goods. With photos for yourself as proof of condition.
  • Get more than one quote from moving companies.
  • Read everything before you sign it. Make sure to read the fine print. Do not be pressured into signing. Keep a Copy of everything you sign.
  • Confirm insurance and confirm additional cover. Normally there is only a small insurance coverage on your items. Make sure that is what you want covered.
  • Confirm what the moving company supplies in terms of boxing and safety rap. Don’t just accept they will pack and supply.
  • Plan your departure and arrival date with flexibility. Keep in mind that there might be delays from either party. A flat tire or road closure causing a detour.

Although you might feel rushed and pressured to get quotes and want to get this done as soon as possible, remember to keep calm and steady to win this race.

Finalizing your move

So you have chosen a company to move your belongings. About a month before the move date you should confirm with the company the dates and service availability. Packing your household goods is never a fun task, so start with the items least used. Mark your boxes with color coding, this way you will know where a box should go. E.g. living room green markings on the box and main bedroom with yellow markings, you could also mark breakables with a different color.

Being unprepared in unfamiliar territory is stressful. Knowing more about the rules that govern the moving companies helps you understand it better and makes your planning easier. Knowing what to look out for makes for a smooth transition from start to finish. Analyze the quotes received and ensure the one you accept has all the services you require included. Good planning will certainly help you reduce your stress levels and make your move day a smooth transition.