Democrat Sen. Kyrsten Sinema And The ‘Secret Weapon’ She Uses On GOP Men

“This Will Not Pass,” the new book written by two New York Times reporters Jonathan Martin and Alexander Burns, has spilled the beans on quite a few Democrats. 

Jill Biden telling then-candidate Kamala Harris to “go f**k yourself,” and the rocky relationship between President Joe Biden and now Vice President Kamala Harris was among the revelations.

They are now talking about another Democrat, Senator Kyrsten Sienema from Arizona. Evidently, Senator Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona has a plan to get Republican men to accept her vision.

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Sinema Strategy

According to excerpts from the book, Sinema “boasted knowingly to colleagues and aides that her cleavage had an extraordinary persuasive effect on the uptight men of the GOP.”

The book also said that Sinema claimed it was “easy” to “charm” Republican men. Sinema made the remarks in a humorous manner, according to the book. That raises an interesting dilemma.

While Sinema might not be as far left as say, AOC, it is usually liberal women who can spot the slightest whiff of sexism in our ‘patriarchal’ society.

A few valid questions could be asked: by Sinema bragging how easy Republican men can be persuaded by cleavage, isn’t it a bit sexist herself to say that men are easily distracted by a woman in that manner? Also, is it sexist of men to stare at Sinema’s cleavage when she doesn’t You want them to.

Perhaps we’ll find some Sinema stories when the book comes out. These include the tales of Sinema who was captivated by her cleavage as well as what her secret weapon did.

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Sometimes she isn’t always her friend

Kyrsten Sinema, like former Arizona Senator John McCain, is a bit of a “maverick” in her party. 

Sinema and her fellow Democrat Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) came under fire earlier this year for not opposing abolishing the senate filibuster, and opposing Joe Biden’s $3 trillion Build Back Better bill.

Radical leftists even followed her last Fall into a toilet to protest her objection to the bill. Incredibly, she ended up in a stall.

The new book claims that because of positions she has taken such as these, top presidential aides view her as “difficult.” The book also tells of the Biden White House being “offended” at Sinema’s request in 2021 that Biden not visit Arizona to tout the passage of the American Rescue Plan, even though she voted for the bill. 

At the time, the book says, Biden aides were “puzzled” by Sinema’s request considering Biden had carried the state and was fairly popular.

But, let’s fast-forward to 2021. According to Morning Consult polls, Biden has dropped 14 points and approval for job is now at 41%. Sinema’s approval is slightly ahead of Biden in approval at 43% of Democrats but, incredibly, 55% of Republicans.

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Not Your Dad’s Democrat Senator

Kyrsten sinema, with or without cleavage, can often turn heads in the Senate hallways. She is known for her quirky style and fashion sense, which makes her stand out from the other female politicians.

Burns and Alexander’s book describes Joe Biden as being “perplexed” by her, and that it could be because of generational differences between the two. The book contains these words:

 “One person close to the president likened Biden’s perplexity at Sinema to his difficulty grasping his grandchildren’s use of the viral-video app TikTok. He wanted to relate, but he just didn’t quite get it.”

Kyrsten Silena might find that perplexity is a useful tool to keep her sane.

“This Will Not Pass” is scheduled for release in early May.